GuardiaN at DreamHack: New fragmovie


We are excited to present you a great fragmovie about the member of our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad Slovakia Ladislav «GuardiaN» Коvacs. He became the most valuable player of the main tournament of this season thanks to his great AWPing. A few times during DreamHack in Romania, Ladislav killed his opponents through walls, surprising all viewers and even casters and showing everybody how well-prepared he is. Apart from unbelievable AWP frags,  Ukraine Natus Vincere player won quite a few difficult clutch-situations, making 4–5 frags in a row. Ladislav and his flawless performance in important rounds have become one of the main reasons why our team managed to reach the grand-final of the major, supported by Valve



DreamHack was conducted in Cluj-Napoca on 28 October – 1 November, 16 best international teams fought for the title of the champion, and  Ukraine Natus Vincere guys have managed to reach the final stage. You can find coverage of the tournament as well as photo gallery with the players on our website.

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