DH Las Vegas: Defeat to mousesports


Tonight we've seen a rather unexpected defeat to International mousesports in the first game of the group stage. CIS Na`Vi.G2A lost 16-12. First of all we'd like to point out an incredible performance by Bosnia and Herzegovina NiKo, who made 37 frags in the match.


DreamHack Masters Las Vegas

[12:16 de_cbble]



Similar to ELEAGUE Major, the teams encountered on de_cobblestone. The only difference was that our team was to begin on T side. The European team won both pistol round and the following eco. However, in the second match the planted bomb in the second round enabled our team to make a good buy with Tec-9 and armor. As a result we won the first score in the match.


Later on CIS Natus Vincere managed to win another 2 rounds, followed by a victory of clutch by International mousesports' Bosnia and Herzegovina NiKo. Unfortunately to the Bosnian player, his efforts were in vain, since his team lost the next round and its economy was undermined. Our team was leading in score 6-3.


From this moment on, the Born to Win began building their strategy basing on two AWPs. It was only after 2 rounds when International mousesports managed to end our winstreak, Bosnia and Herzegovina NiKo playing a key role in it once again. The two plays of the Bosnian we mentioned before enabled our rival to end the first halftime with a fair score 6-9.



CIS Natus Vincere won the second pistol round of the game. Our guys were very close to losing the first force buy, but for the ninja-defuse by Russian Federation seized. Unfortunately, International mousesports decided to make a force buy again and The Born to Win couldn't withstand their attack. Since almost all CIS Na`Vi players died in the second round, the team was forced to play 2 ecos in the row. We were still ahead, but the gap in scores decreased - 11-9.


Further on, our team couldn't succeed. The players won first weapon round after a streak of ecos, but they lost the very next one and it undermined their economy. That's when the team decided to make a break and to talk to their coach Ukraine starix.


That didn't really help. After 12-11, Bosnia and Herzegovina NiKo was on a roll, almost solo killing CIS Na`Vi team in 3 rounds. International mousesports took advantage of his victories and finally win the match against CIS Na`Vi 16-12. As a result our team dropped down to group D lower brackets to play against Australia Renegades.


Stats on de_cbble (hltv.org)


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