DH Las Vegas: A solid victory


For the second game of CISNatus Vincere.G2A at Dreamhack Las Vegas, AustraliaRenegades awaited with a spot in the decider match on the line. Despite a rough start, we were able to take a 16-6 victory in order to keep ourselves in the tournament.


DreamHack Masters Las Vegas

[16:6 de_mirage]



With elimination looming for both teams, de_mirage was chosen with our squad starting on the T side. Starting things off, Ukraines1mple secured the pistol round with two quick entry frags. However, Renegades were able to take the next two, forcing out an eco from our side. With the buy coming out for CISNa`Vi in round 5, it was s1mple once more who secured the round with an ace, bringing the score to 2-3. 



Still, we were forced back into an eco with the following round loss. In round 9, we were back on a buy. Once again, it was s1mple who secured the entry frag, opening up the map for a plant on the B side. In the ensuing round, we were able to fend off an agressive mid push from Renegades to bring the score to 4-6. The following half buy with a couple of Desert Eagles coming out from Renegades did not find any success either, as it was CISNa`Vi taking the round without any losses.


With a massive clutch from SlovakiaGuardiaN, who defended the B plant from several CTs storming onto the site, we were able to tie the score at 6-a-piece. The economy of Renegades took a heavy hit, allowing us to take the first lead of the game. A s1mple double kill by way of a collateral AWP shot closed out the first half with a score of 9-6, erasing the shaky start. 


While AustraliaRenegades did manage to get a plant in the second pistol round with a B rush, we executed the retake to perfection. With that, we secured a favorable position in the second half. This time around, the second round of the half went much more smoothly, courtesy of SlovakiaGuardiaN's triple kill around connector. The first buy of Renegades in round 18 did not find any success either, pushing our lead to 12-6. With their economy crumbling, the Australian side called for a tactical timeout. However, our streak continued all the way up to 16-6, making it 14 round wins in a row to secure the game. 


Stats courtesy of hltv.org

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