DH Las Vegas: Battle for the playoffs


On February 18 CISNatus Vincere G2A will fight the last battle in the group stage of DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017. So far our guys obtained a tie: we lost against Internationalmousesports on de_cbble, but also rocked versus AustraliaRenegades with a 16-6 score on de_mirage. Due to the nature of the GSL format, we must play the Group D decider match in a Bo3 against InternationalFaZe Clan.
The game will take place once again at an uncomfortable time for our European fans, 04:00 CET, but as usual, tomorrow you will find a proper recap of the match on our website. CISNatus Vincere G2A faced FaZe only a couple of times in 2016, in the EU qualifiers of ESL Pro League Season 4, losing both matches in overtime.
Our guys will do their best to get revenge, claim the Bo3 and qualify for the playoffs. In fact, only the best two teams of each group will advance to the single elimination bracket, which is planned to start on the same day.


Ukraine s1mple Russian Federation seized Slovakia GuardiaN Ukraine Edward Russian Federation flamie
Oleksandr Kostyliev Denis Kostin Ladislav Kovács Ioann Sukhariev Egor Vasilyev


18 February

02:30 CET



Francia kioShiMa Norvegia rain Danimarca karrigan fi allu Norvegia jkaem
Fabien Fiey Håvard Nygaard Finn Andersen  Aleksi Jalli Joakim  Myrbostad








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