DH Las Vegas: The first battle


On February 16th CISNatus Vincere G2A will play the first game in the group stage of DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017. A total of sixteen teams, split into four groups of four teams each, will battle for a prize pool of $450,000. The group stage will feature the GSL system, and only the top two teams from each group move on to the playoffs.
Our first Bo1 will take place at 04:55 CET against Internationalmousesports. Overall, considering the head to head fights between the two teams, we won the most with a 5 to 3 score. In particular, from 2016 onwards we have never lost a game on de_cbble versus mouz, where our performance has always been overwhelming. The teams battled each other only a single time in 2017, at the ELEAGUE Major, and CISNatus Vincere G2A resulted victorious, scoring 16-3.


Ukraine s1mple Russian Federation seized Slovakia GuardiaN Ukraine Edward Russian Federation flamie
Oleksandr Kostyliev Denis Kostin Ladislav Kovács Ioann Sukhariev Egor Vasilyev

DH Masters Las Vegas 2017



denis NiKo Spiidi
Czech Republic oskar Germany denis Bosnia and Herzegovina NiKo Germany Spiidi Spain IoWel
Tomáš Šťastný Denis Howell Nikola Kovač Timo Richter Christian Antoran







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