DH Las Vegas: Fighting for survival


Our adventure at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 started with an unlucky defeat against Internationalmousesports, but our team has still a chance to qualify for the playoffs. In fact, today we will face a Bo1 elimination match against AustraliaRenegades: the loser must leave the tournament, while the winner will have another battle tomorrow. 
In their first match, Renegades lost 16 to 14 against InternationalFaZe Clan, and they will be as eager as us to finally claim a victory in this second game. CISNatus Vincere G2A didn’t play against them recently, as the last match is dated back to December 2015; overall we had always the upper hand, with a 4-0 score. Nowaday, the lineups are slightly different and Renegades is also playing with a temporary stand-in, SwedenSimon "atter" Atterstam, thus the result of today’s match is unpredictable.
We hope to delight all CISNatus Vincere’s fans with a great victory and continue our road to the main event. If we will result victorious, the next enemy to face will be mousesports or FaZe Clan, depending on the result of their match that will take place later tonight.


Ukraine s1mple Russian Federation seized Slovakia GuardiaN Ukraine Edward Russian Federation flamie
Oleksandr Kostyliev Denis Kostin Ladislav Kovács Ioann Sukhariev Egor Vasilyev






Australia yam Australia USTILO Australia AZR Australia jks Sveziaatter
Yaman Ergenekon Karlo Pivac Aaron  Ward Justin Savage Simon Atterstam








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