CS:GO at DreamHack 2016


CS:GO tournament of DreamHack series has been announced. It will be held on 22-24 January 2016 in exhibition center Leipziger Messegelände located in Leipzig (Germany). Special LAN-zone with free Internet will be arranged for all the guests of the event. Over 1 000 gamers will be able to locate there. Furthermore, the exhibition zone and the stage for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and StarCraft II matches will be established.

CS:GO tournament of DreamHack attract much attention

CS:GO tournament will be held at the very first DreamHack event in 2016. This means that the game is one of the top priority games for DreamHack in 2016! The details of the event are yet to be revealed. The organizers will most likely invite Germany's top CS:GO teams — Germany mousesports and Germany PENTA. Our team might go there as well. Since the event is held under the auspices of DreamHack Open, the teams, which won slots at both online and BYOC qualifiers, will participate in it.



DreamHack Open tournaments has been held since 2012 on a regular basis. 23 events have been conducted in 6 countries over the past 3 years. The total prize pool is over $ 100 000 000.


DreamHack Open tournaments in 2016


  •  DreamHack Leipzig — 22-24 January
  •  DreamHack Bucharest — 22-24 April]
  •  DreamHack Austin — 6-8 May
  •  DreamHack Tours — 14-16 May
  •  DreamHack Summer — 18-21 June
  •  DreamHack Cluj Napoca — 7-9 October
  •  DreamHack Winter — 24-27 November



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