Natus Vincere at DreamHack Summer 2015


July 14 our team will participate in the tournament which will decide the best team of the European continent. As you may have guessed, we are talking about DreamHack Summer with $ 10 000 prize pool. Our team will be up against SpainTeam Liquid, PolandGamers2 and the winner of BYOC qualifier, InternationalFnatic. If you don't wnat to miss the most important games, use our three-eyed dog MMMulticast!




Tournament brackets:

Winner's finals
0 InternationalNatus Vincere
0 PolandGamers2
3 SpainTeam Liquid
WinSpainTeam Liquid
2 PolandGamers2
2 SpainTeam Liquid
2 SpainTeam Liquid
1 InternationalFnatic
Loser's bracket 1 round
Loser's finals
2 PolandGamers2
0 PolandGamers2
2InternationalNatus Vincere
0 InternationalNatus Vincere
0 InternationalFnatic


Match schedule:

Match Schedule:
Time Game Broadcast
Over InternationalNatus Vincere [0:2] PolandGamers2  
Over SpainTeam Liquid [2:1] InternationalFnatic  
Over SpainTeam Liquid [2:0] PolandGamers2  
Over InternationalNatus Vincere [2:0] InternationalFnatic  
Over InternationalNatus Vincere [0:2] PolandGamers2


Over SpainTeam Liquid [3:0] PolandGamers2  


Prize pool distribution:

top 1 place: Spain Team Liquid — $ 5 000

top 2 place: Poland Gamers2— $ 2 500

top 3 place: International Natus Vincere — $ 1 500

top 4 place: International Fnatic — $ 1 000




Ukraine Natus Vincere


Spain Team Liquid


Poland Gamers2


International Fnatic

France Jerome «JayPL» Trinh
Sweden Pontus «Breez» Sjorgen
Sweden Simon «ScHwimpi» Svensson
Bulgaria ALeksandar «ethernal» Milanov
Bulgaria Lyubomir «Splendour» Kozlovski
France Cristofer «Blackscorp» Embareck
Spain Victor Sanchez «Falcon» Lopez
Spain Fran «GranPkt» Nunez
Spain Pedro Moreno «LucifroN» Duran
Spain Juan Moreno «VortiX» Duran
Poland Lukasz «Leofromkorea» Mirek
Poland Piotr «Nicker» Muzolf
Poland Bartocz «Szychu» Kosmacz
Poland Oskar «Jowe» Halamus
Poland Adrian «adrd» Wojcik
Switzerland Jaoquim «Lowell» Fitac
United States Jeremy «Shinobu» Autore
Italy Cristian «AceOfSpades» Lippa
Italy Riccardo «Kesil» Archetti
France Frederic «Fredzw» Roth



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