DH Tours — new goal of Na`Vi.G2A


Our CS:GO team will have no time for relaxing this spring! Right after SL i-League Season 3 they'll encounter new challenge! In eraly May, the team will go to the French city of Tours to participate in DreamHack Tours 2017 playoff. The world's best teams will be fighting at this event, and we're proud CIS Na`Vi.G2A got direct invite.


Our players will put every effort to win the event and demonstrate some amazing plays. We hope the Born to Win will return from France with the champion's title and many bright memories. Read our article to find out why the journey will be unforgettable for our team!


Na`Vi have been here before


Our CS:GO team will take the beaten road: the representatives of Natus Vincere have already been here, though it was the team in different discipline. It was Tours, where our Heroes of the Storm team won the tournament of DreamHack series! It's notable that the trip to France was the debut for our HotS-roster Na`Vi. The Born to Win have proven their status of one of the most powerful teams in Europe.



Our players managed to make splendid performance at the group stage! They advanced to the grand final through the upper brackets without a single loss, having defeated the most dangerous rivals. Natus Vincere team has once won its golden medal in Tours, no it's time for Ukraine EdwardRussian Federation seizedSlovakia GuardiaNRussian Federation flamie and Ukraine s1mple to repeat the achievement under the guidance of their new coach Ukraine Andi.


Craving for victory and more


DreamHack Tours 2017 will become another serious trial for CIS Na`Vi, the list of participants include such teams as France EnVyUsDenmark HeroicFrance G2 SportsKazakhstan Gambit Esports and other contenders to the champion title. The prize pool is $ 100 000 — a good stimuli to the teams. Every player wishes to demonstrate what he is capable of. Our team is no exception - they'll take the preparation seriously.


The tournament will be held at Centre International des Congrès de Vinci, the venue of various congresses and expos. DreamHack Open was also held there. There are three halls with the capacity of 350700 and 2 000 people. The building in modern style looks like a giant ship and stands out in the old architecture of Tours.



French charm


Despite its unusual structure, Centre International des Congrès de Vinci isn't the most interesting sightseeing spot in Tours. The small elegant city has much to offer to a traveler. Located on the river Loire, the city is has many beautiful spots: the river banks and the narrow city streets. The old quarter retains the architecture of Middle Ages. Timber beam houses create special atmosphere - a great contrast to a modern eSports competition!


We highly suggest including several museums in your sightseeing program for Tours. Don't worry: the museums won't be boring even for the most unsophisticated visitors, as the most popular ones in tours are the Museum of Wince and Museum of Stained Glass (Musee des Vins and Musee du Gemmail). 



The museum of Fine Arts (Musee des Beaux-Arts) has a great collection worth seeing, if you favor art. The main sightseeing spot is Saint Gatien's Cathedral of Tours built between 1170 and 1547. Its gothic towers can be seen from any spot of the city. There are also splendid castles around Tours.


For those who don't like ancient facilities, there are plenty other attractions in the cities. Modern Tours has many cafes, restaurants, bars and night clubs. In May the weather will be just perfect for a trip in this part of France. The visitors will have great conditions to enjoy the beauties of Tours!



The players of our CS:GO team have already been to France. They've attended Paris. New they'll have an opportunity to walk the picturesque streets of Tours. Who knows, maybe one day there will be no white spots on the world map for the Born to Win. If you want to join your favourite team on their trip to new places, get closer to Natus Vincere, and make an unforgettable journey, we suggest buying tickets from Jetradar — the best option for planning the trip of a true gamer!


Use the form below: pick a destination and a date and trust Jetradar, as they are the true professionals! They'll help every fan of the Born to Win to get to any spot on Earth easily, to attend the most exciting tournaments and support their favourite team at live events! Plan the trip of your dream right now!

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