DreamHack Winter: First day results


The first day of Hearthstone competition held at DreamHack Winter 2015 has come to en end. Due to the specifics of the tournament format it's hard to say, which 16 players will get to the playoff. However, the favorites of the tournament have seemingly been determined,  Denmark Frederik "Hoej' Nielsen among them.


Results of NATUS VINCERE players:
Place Player Victories Losses Scores
1-2 Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej 7 0 21
43-86 Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka 4 3 12
100+ Germany Na`Vi.Xixo 2 5 6


Denmark Hoej played perfect on his first matchday, having acquired 7 victories and haven't lots a single match. As a result, Frederik takes first line in the tournament table with 21 scores. Only one player of 200 has the same result, namely Canada GO.Purple. Most, likely these players have secured their spots in playoff, however, there are still 2 games ahead, so things might change.


That's how DreamHack Winter is held. Have you found Ostkaka?


The performance of Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall was worse: he ended the matchday with 4 victories versus 3 defeats. The statistic is rather poor, but Sebastian is still capable of getting to playoff. In order to achieve it, he mustn't lose. Let's hope the luck will be good to him.


Now find Hoej and Xixo in the picture!


Unfortunately, the matchday wasn't successful for Germany Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert at all. Of seven matches he won only 2. He won't manage to catch up with the leaders of the tournament table. That's why he won't participate in the games today. He didn't have powerful rivals: most of them were local fans of Hearthstone. However, it was due to bad luck, that he lacked something in the games to win them.


That was the first matchday of DreamHack Winter. Let's hope Denmark Hoej will be able to end the second matchday without defeat and Sweden Ostkaka catches up with the leaders.


Best players of the first matchday:

tournament table:
Place Player Victory Losses Scores
1. Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej 7 0 21
2. Canada GO.Purple 7 0 21
3. Germany coL.superjj 6 1 18
4. Romania G2.RDU 6 1 18
5. Spain SK.AKAWonder 6 1 18
6. International Borsss 6 1 18
7. United Kingdom Dignitas.GreenSheep 6 1 18
8. France Millenium.Torlk 6 1 18
9. Germany TS.Gaara 6 1 18
10. Sweden ML.Frezzar 6 1 18
11. Czech Republic born2win 6 1 18
12. France tomof 6 1 18


See the whole table


Photos in the article are taken from official album of DreamHack Winter.

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