Ditya Ra - Dual Butterfly Fury


In the StarLadder Star Series Season 13 European qualifiers, our team came out victorious against Russian Federation HellRaisers, scoring 2-0. During v6.85 there have been only four comebacks against mega creeps, and Ukraine Natus Vincere is one of the few teams that has been successful in this task. The team had to follow a perfect strategy to avoid being overwhelmed by the creep waves, which endlessly tried to destroy their ancient. Russian Federation Dmitry «Ditya Ra» Minenkov played a great Phantom Lancer Phantom Lancer, and his stellar performance was one of the keys to our victory. The numbers don’t lie: 618 GPM, 538 Last Hits and a final score of 23-3-16. He crushed his enemies while his teammates did their best to create space and protect him in every single team fight.
Na`Vi comeback against HR
According to Datdota’s stats, considering 923 competitive games with Phantom Lancer, the Butterfly has been bought 182 times in 182 games. This is the first time ever in which a player bought two Butterflies in a single game. A new record for Ukraine Na`Vi!
Stats are a great way to make Phantom Lancer stronger, because his illusions will greatly benefit from them. He has already a huge 2.6 agility gain to increase his damage, attack speed and armor. The Butterfly is one of the best offensive items that you can buy on him, and the evasion also works on the illusions. You can’t really ask for anything better. Usually, you shouldn’t buy more than one, because the hero also needs other items and stacking evasion can be easily countered; the opponents know that sooner or later, they will need to buy a Monkey King Bar against PL for the late game.
What happened in this game? Ditya Ra simply exploited the situation; he studied the enemy and realized that they weren’t ready to counter him. HellRaisers didn’t buy a single Monkey King Bar and they had no physical AoE damage dealers, besides Juggernaut Juggernaut with his Battle Fury. Of course, Disruptor Disruptor can often be a big problem for PL, but Ditya Ra had a great team protecting him. Multiple times, Russian Federation Akbar «SoNNeikO» Butaev perfectly timed his Snowball to save his carry from enemy disables, Ukraine Danil «Dendi» Ishutin used Lina’s terrific burst damage to beat down the most dangerous threats and Russian Federation Dmitry «Ax.Mo» Morozov took full advantange of Dark Seer’s abilities to manipulate the teamfights. Thanks to the team’s cooperation, Ditya Ra was free to express his full potential: he even bought a Divine Rapier
Overall, we don’t suggest buying a dual Butterfly in your pub games; this was a particular situation that rarely happens, even in pro-Dota. Do you believe you can totally leave your life in the hands of your comrades in solo-queue? 
We can’t deny that it made for a very exciting game to watch, but we’re even more excited that the team has shown us what they can do! We advanced to the next stage of the tournament, but the battle continues... take a look at our next opponents!
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