Djinn Slayer by Natus Vincere

A new set by Natus Vincere has recently appeared in the Steam Workshop. This time around it’s Bounty Hunter who gets his attire. Continue reading to find out the details of the new Djinn Slayer set and how you can help introduce it to DotA 2.




In addition to six items that will change your Bounty Hunter’s appearance the set also includes a loading screen with Na’Vi logo showcased above.




Shining sunbeams reflecting of the Djinn Slayer set will be the last thing your opponent will see before death when Bounty Hunter deals his first blow, and after that the assassins will add another name to the list of his victims who surrendered their bounty to him.



You can vote for this item set in the Workshop by following the link. Your vote will ultimately decide whether or not Djinn Slayer appears in Dota 2.

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