DkPhobos comes back!



Dota2 professional player Alexander "DkPhobos" Kucheria makes an ambitious comeback to the competitive e-sports! For the previous couple of years Sasha has worked as a programmer in the e-sports club (the development of this website and its engine is his work). However, as things drastically changed, Alexander decided to comeback as a professional player.


Unfortunately, this means that Sasha will spend less time developping our website, though he won't abandon the position of Na'Vi's official employee.


Moreover, we are happy to announce that Arthur "Goblak" Kostenko will join the squad of the team to play with Sasha. Arthur worked with Na'Vi team as a trainer at The International 2014. The effectiveness of his performance as a trainer and the possibility for him to keep this position will be negotiated separately. As per moment, Sasha decides to focus on the player's role.


Additionally we are to reveal the names of the third and the fourth players of this squad. These are Illidan and Lil. The name of the squad is NVMI. The squad has been already registered and will participate in a group stage, which starts today.


We wish Phobos good luck in his renewed E-sport career!


P.S. This is not a new Na'Vi squad. Please keep in mind that this is the news about our employee. 

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#1 cs Mikeylicious 7 August 2014, 22:20
Easy 3 Na`Vi teams on TI5 :P
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#2 mk profdrmartin 7 August 2014, 22:28
this is going to be interesting ;)
gl boys!
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#3 de Niky♥ 8 August 2014, 01:54
Gl :)
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