Na`Vi.Straik Documentary

Another Natus Vincere player has become the subject of our new documentary which we are proud to present to our dear readers and viewers. This time, we will tell you about a very ingenious and perhaps one of the all-time best World of Tanks players - Oleg Romanenkov, better known as Strike in the WoT community. In 11 minutes he covers his tanker’s “life”: victories in game and in real life. He also slightly lifts the veil on the personal life of a virtual tanker.  


Oleg “Straik” Romanenkov doesn’t like giving interviews. As he himself admits – no word can beat “a decent ownage” and “broken faces” in random fights. Sad but true. As it turned out, Oleg had a lot to say. The new exclusive documentary by multigaming Natus Vincere tells his story. For example, not many know that Straik is a big fan of classic sport. “Soccer, hockey, basketball – it’s what I love” – admits Oleg.


And, of course, the movie tells the story of Oleg’s path to becoming a successful player. An interesting fact – Straik actually enjoys performing in front of thousands of spectators during LAN-events. He admits: instead of anxiety he feels incomparable joy at such moments.


Learn more about one of the world's best World of Tanks fighters by watching the documentary on our channel. I promise you – it’ll be worth your while!


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