Dota 2 and CS:GO players distribution


Recently the GlobalOffensive subreddit posted an interesting map of the world, comparing the popularity of Dota 2 (blue) versus CS:GO (red) in each country. The source was not specified, but we found out that it was created by a reliable source: Steam Spy. It is a stats service which automatically collects data from the web API provided by Valve, gathers info from Steam users’ profiles, and analyzes and presents them in a simple visual way. It isn’t 100% correct because it extrapolates data from a limited number of Steam profiles, but it still represents a substantial portion of the players. 
This map in particular was created a while ago but, considering the short space of time and the number of players involved, we believe that today’s figures are almost the same. Oddly enough there is a neat division: North America, West Europe and Australia prefer CS:GO, while South America, East Europe, Africa and Asia prefer Dota.
Most played game by country: Dota 2 in blue and CS:GO in red
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