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The new materials have been added to the project Dota2Navigation, Dendi & Puppey continuing their work on it! Check out the new comprehensive guides on the heroes Luna Luna, Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend, Rubick Rubick and Storm Spirit Storm Spirit.


Dota2Navigation project has been developed for over the year by UkraineDaniil "Dendi" Ishutin and EstoniaClement "Puppey" Ivanov. The latter will continue writing new articles for the project notwithstanding he's left the organization. As per moment all the materials of the project are being translated into Russian. Language versions will be available for all the users of the website.



Note that a couple of free guides are now available on the project's website. Read them to see the volume of information and experience of professional gamers invested in each project's infrormational material.


Make your step towards professionalism

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thx was cool man!
coolest ever
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