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Not many interesting events took place in Dota 2 world on the last week. Still we try to tell our readers about the most interesting news, which we haven't posted on our website yet. Here we go!


Nanyang Championships


A very interesting tournament was held in Singapore. It was remarkable for both the game and the organization. The weather was splendid, the pool was great and the organizers did their best. It looked more like a vacation, rather than a tournament. Maybe that's the reason why the players played at their most, providing a truly exciting show. The event was the first for the organizers, but they managed to solve all the small problems, which occurred, fast and straight. What is the next Major-tournament will be held in Asia?


The competition was very good too: the final bo5-series was a clash of 2 bright and powerful teams International Team Secret and China Vici Gaming. The game was tense and thrilling. Team Secret finally won (guess this year in Dota 2 is just not good for China). Other participants demonstrated great performance too, making the viewers forget they were at the tropical paradise and dive into the world of competitive pro Dota 2. We're looking forward to Nanyang Championships!


Secret vs VG Doom — Nanyang Grand Final Game 1


Secret vs VG - Nanyang Grand Final Game 2


iceiceice Timbersaw vs w33 Meepo Nanyang Final Dota 2


SECRET vs VG Nanyang Grand Final Game 5 Dota 2

(monkey) Business gained a sponsor


Expectedly, the team didn't stay unsupported for a long time. Despite it was recently created, the team has shown great results. Being International (monkey) Business, the guys won a trip to the major tournament of the Fall — The Frankfurt Major. Now they enjoy a new name — International OG — and the sponsorship of


The company decided to introduce a new method in making Dota 2 business. Instead of signing contracts with the whole team, will conclude a separate agreement with each player. Well, let's see what comes of it.


Roster of International OG (former — International (monkey) Business):


  • jo Amer "Miracle_jr" Barqawi
  • dk Johan "BigDaddy" Sundstein
  • ca David "MoonMeander" Tan
  • dk Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen
  • il Tal "Fly-Simba" Aizik



Roster changes

Sad news for all the fans of United States Jimmy "DeMon" Ho. The team United States High Council of Wizards&Priests was disbanded. The former manager of the team announced that. The team had some notable player of American Dota 2 scene.



Though there's no need to worry for United States DeMon (he could be seen in International Monkey Freedom Fighters), the destiny of his former teammates is yet unknown. They are free agents now, and might stay in this status for quite a while.


Alliance logo tattoo


Do you remember the guy, who promised to make tattoo with Sweden Alliance logo, in case the team gets to the main part of The Frankfurt Major? He did it! True fan and a man of word he is!



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