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The previous week, eSports community was focused on CS:GO matches and World Championships of BlizzCon 2015. Meanwhile, there was a lull in Dota 2 world. Nevertheless, we picked news, which will be interesting to our readers.


The death of SMM manager of Tong.Fu


Today's article we begin with a very sad news. The SMM Manager of China Tong.Fu died. He was only 18. He'd ignored the pain in his heart, which had preceded his death, and hadn't gone to doctor. It turned out he had myocarditis. 




600 victories of Dendi!


This news is joyful. Ukraine Natus Vincere's player Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin achieved his 600th victory in official game, when he won the first game in a match against International OG! Ukraine Dendi takes 11th line in the Chart, having caught up with the reigning  champion of The International United States Universe. We hope our player won't stop and eventually takes the first line in this list.


The list of players, who achieved 600+ victories:

  • Russian Federation Silent (Russian Federation Team Empire) — 689 victories/ 1 132 games
  • Sweden s4 (Sweden Alliance) — 682 victories/ 985 games
  • Estonia Puppey (International Team Secret) — 656 victories/ 968 games
  • Sweden Akke (Sweden Alliance) — 648 victories/ 1 036 games
  • Denmark N0tail (International OG) — 639 victories/ 1 053 games
  • Germany KuroKy (International Team Liquid) — 634 victories/ 985 games
  • Sweden Loda (Sweden Alliance) — 620 victories/ 988 games
  • Ukraine Funn1k (Ukraine Natus Vincere) — 610 victories/ 999 games
  • Canada Aui_2000 (International Digital Chaos) — 607 victories/ 1 042 games
  • United States Universe (United States Evil Geniuses) — 600 victories/ 971 games
  • Ukraine Dendi (Ukraine Natus Vincere) — 600 victories/ 985 games




Visa problems for the participants of The Frankfurt Major


The upcoming major-tournament suffers from visa issues. One of the winners of the qualifiers, the champion of The International 2012, China Invictus Gaming will miss the event due to visa problem of its player China super. The replacement of this player wasn't anticipated. China Newbee.Young, which took third place at the qualifiers will replace China Invictus Gaming. (Source)


Peru Greedy the player of Peruvian Peru Team Unknown, also faced visa problems. Fortunately, his history ended successfully: visa was finally issued. Furthermore, the manager of International Team Secret announced that the members of China LGD GamingChina CDEC Gaming and RU HUB team, which will cover the tournament for the Russian-speaking viewers, also faced problems. A prominent Russian-speaking caster Ukraine Vitaliy "V1lat" Volochai confirmed it on his Twitter. We'll see what comes of it.


Visa problem is one of the most topical in eSports community as per moment. Ukraine Natus Vincere also suffered it, when the Embassy denied visa for Russian Federation Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev before The International 2015. These problems once again call into question the necessity of formalization of the relations between states and eSports community. When community leaves the borderless Internet space and goes offline, it enters the environment, in which political relations between states impact players, teams and events. It means that a nongovernmental organization, like FIFA, is required. 


Prize pool and the English casters of The Frankfurt Major

The division of the prize money of the Major was announced last week. The winner will gat about one third of the sum, which is more than the total prize pool of The International 2011 and 2012. The teams, which took last places also get the piece of the pie. The total prize money won by Peru Team Unknown is 12 times as less as the prize money for the 16th place.


Along with the prize pool division, casters, analysts and interviewers were presented:






Hosts, interviewers, observers and stats






Russian Federation Team Empire announced reshuffle. Russian Federation yoku- left the team and was replaced with Ukraine GeneRal.


Russian Federation Team Empire line-up:

  • Russian Federation Ayrat "Silent" Gaziev
  • Ukraine Victor "GeneRal" Nigrini
  • Ukraine Roman "Resolut1ion" Fominok
  • Ukraine  Ilya "AlohaDance" Korobkin
  • Russian Federation Alexander "NoFear" Churochkin




Ukraine CIS Rejects announced the new squad on their official page.


Ukraine CIS Rejects line-up:

  • Ukraine Bogdan «Iceberg» Vasylenko
  • Ukraine Andrey "ALWAYSWANNAFLY" Bondarenko
  • Ukraine Arthur "Goblak" Kostenko
  • Russian Federation Roman "Ramzes666" Kushnariov
  • Russian Federation Vasiliy "Afterlife" Shishkin





Albania Garter left International No Logic Gaming. He was replaced with Greece Madara.


International No Logic Gaming line-up:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Milan "MiLAN." Kozomara
  • Greece Giwrgos "-SsaSpartan-" Giannokopoulos
  • Sweden Steve "Xcalibur" Ye
  • Croatia Damir "Mitch-zmaj" škaričić
  • Greece Omar "Madara-" Dabasas


Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas decided not to participate in SL i-League StarSeries. The reasons haven't been announced, however, it is rumored that the team obtained an opportunity to take a vacant place of The Frankfurt Major and doesn't want to loose such chance. The Swedes haven't played a single match in SL i-League StarSeries, they were replaced with Russian Federation Yellow Submarine, in which former player of Ukraine Natus Vincere now plays, namely Russian Federation Andrey "PSM" Dunaev.


Russian Federation Yellow Submarine line-up:

  • Russian Federation Andrew "PSM" Dunaev
  • Ukraine Artem «ARTES» Horobey
  • Russian Federation Roman "Scandal" Sadotenkov
  • Russian Federation Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naydenov
  • Russian Federation Ivan "Gorec" Kartanov




The last, but not the least, Romania Kaipi, which now consists only of Romanian players. Romania ComeWithMe was expelled from the team followed by the leave of United Kingdom Beesa, who disagreed with the decision and claimed he saw no future with the remaining players.

Romania Kaipi roster:
  • Romania Armand "bOne7" Pittner
  • Romania Alexandru "bufni" Palievici
  • Romania Mihai "canceL" Antonio



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