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Be the end of the previous week, the main Fall event in Dota 2 — The Frankfurt Major had come to an end, OG team becoming the winner and the venue of the next Major announced. For more details read below.


OG wins The Frankfurt Major!

Eaglesong trophy in the hands of the winners


Who would've predicted that a team, which had got to the tournament via the regional qualifiers, would win The Frankfurt Major? Almost no one! Even after International OG had managed to defeat the champions of The International 2015 United States Evil Geniuses, most people bet International Team Secret would win.


Well, International OG overplayed their rivals in every aspect of the game, starting from draft and ending with ingame strategy. The result was natural: they won Grand Final 3:1. We congratulate the team with this outstanding achievement!


SECRET OG — Major Frankfurt Grand Final Dota 2



Long-waited comics about Axe


Finally, Valve fulfilled the promise it had given during The International 2015, namely adding a comics and new immortal-item for Axe Axe. It's notable, that the art and the style of the item have nothing in common, which makes as think that initially Valve planned to hero's companion to the comics, but due to negative feedback gave up the idea. We published an article about the comics and the changes introduced by the updates. Those, who wish to learn more about the changes introduced can watch the video below. You can also read the comics by following the respective link below.



AXE Immortal Cape TI 2015 Reward


Ritsu leaves Cloud9


The recent scandal with the player of United States Cloud9 United States Ravi "Ritsu" Kodippili disturbed NA Dota 2 scene. The player created a Skype group, in which he and the representatives of other Dota 2 teams were sharing scrims of United States Digital Chaos with each other. The objective of this group was to prevent DC to achieve success on the scene. This fact exposed to the community hit the team and the organization dramatically. Cloud9 did let the player stay in order to play at The Frankfurt Major.


However, as soon as the team lost in the tournament, the dismissal of United States Ritsu was announced. It is very hard to predict the career opportunities for the player, as the scandal had exposed many "dirty" details about him, which can't be associated with a professional eSports athlete. United States Cloud9 hasn't found the fifth player yet.


The current roster of United States Cloud9:

  • United States Avery "SVG" Silverman
  • Canada Theeban "1437" Siva
  • United States Arif "MojoStormStout" Anwar
  • United States Braxton "Brax" Paulson




DK organization disbands


Sad news for all the fans of Dota 2. China Team DK, which granted so many pleasant emotions to the fans, disbanded. The eSports environment in China was announces as the main reason of it. The contract sums with pro players have significantly increased. Meanwhile it is almost impossible to make business with newcomers. As a result, the team failed to compete both on local Dota 2 scene and internationally.


When recalling China Team DK the fans think of the star squad of The International 2014Malaysia MushiChina BurNingSingapore iceiceiceChina MMYChina LaNm. It seemed the guys could achieve anything they wanted as they demonstrated accomplished performance. However, they managed to achieve only fourth place at TI 2014, followed by the team's disband. The organization took fourth places at The International in 2012 and 2014, as well as fifth place at TI in 2013. It's hard to believe that the history of such brand has come to an end. 




The Shanghai Major


The greatest news is that the next Major by Valve will be held in China! The venue is Mercedes-Benz Arena, located in Shanghai. The dates are 2-6 March 2016. The event will be organized by Perfect World, which held Dota 2 Asia Championship.



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