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Just like after The International 2015, completion of another grand tournament-- The Frankfurt Major signified the time of re-shuffles: teams disband, players come and go and new teams are formed. In our weekly news digest, we will tell our readers about the main transfer news.


OG-- winners of DreamLeague, season 4

Winners are holding $55,000 cheque (source)


First, let's sum up a bit, starting with the recent tournament that was finished on Saturday, November 28. Right after The Frankfurt Major, the international mix achieved yet another hallmark-- Dream League Season 4, with prize pool of $150,000. InternationalOG advanced through the LAN part of the tournament without any difficulties; they started from final bracket because of outstanding performance during the "on-line" part, and the team tore down their opponents one by one. First, International4 Clovers and Lepricon were defeated 2-0. After that, Russian FederationTeam Empire, a team from CIS, was knocked out twice-- first in winners' bracket, and then in Grand-Final. It is notable that InternationalOG has not yet lost a single map. Is there still anyone who doubts that the team deserved to win the Major?


Prize fund distribution

 place — InternationalOG — $ 55 000
 place — Russian Federation Team Empire — $ 30 000
 place — International 4 Clover & Lepricon — $ 20 000
 place — Sweden Alliance — $ 15 000
 place — Russian Federation Vega Squadron — $ 12 000
 place — International Monkey Freedom Fighters — $ 10 000
 place — International No Logic Gaming — $ 5 000
 place — Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas — $ 3 000
Cloud9 disbands Dota 2 team


This was the team roster at the past Frankfurt Major (source)


It was clear after United StatesRitsu was kicked from United StatesCloud9 that the Dota 2 roster was going to have some big changes. Unfortunately for fans of the team, one of the most difficult decisions was made. Failing to create a stable American player-roster after The International 2015, the organization made an obvious decision to disband the team. The performance of the team at The Frankfurt Major was also an important factor: last place is not exactly a reason to be proud. Now, one can only wonder if United StatesCloud9 will try to create another Dota 2 team, or choose to leave the place vacant.


 United StatesCloud9 former Dota 2 roster: 

  • Canada Theeban «1437» Silva
  • United States Braxton «Brax» Paulson
  • United States Arif «MSS» Anwar
  • United States Avery «SVG» Silverman
  • United States Ravindu «Ritsu» Kodippili




New player in Digital Chaos

1437 is to be the captain of United StatesDigital Chaos (Source)


 One of the former United StatesCloud9 players, Theeban Silva, known in the Dota 2 as Canada«1437», has joined another American team-- United StatesDigital Chaos. At the begining of the week, United StatesDC have announced that their former captain Viet NamBiryu is becoming a coach and reserve player, thus they urgently needed position 5 player to join them. Having someone as experienced as Canada«1437» in team is, definitely, a huge step forward for a team that positions itself as one of the strongest NA Dota 2 scene. Siva has demonstrated exceptional abilities as InternationalTeam Secret coach, and he also knows how a support should play. Let's wish Theeban best of luck in this new challenge!


United StatesDC Dota 2 roster:

  • Canada Kurtis «Aui_200» Ling
  • United States Kanishka «BuLba» Sosale
  • Canada Tyler «TC» Cook
  • Pakistan Yawar «YawaR» Hassan
  • Canada Theeban «1437» Siva
  • Viet Nam Hà Quốc «Biryu» Đạt




compLexity Gaming announces new roster

Former members or freshly disbanded Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas have found a new team pretty fast. Three Swedish players: SwedenHandsken, SwedenLimpp and SwedenChessie joined American team-- United StatescompLexity Gaming, which only had 3 players left since The International 2015: brothers United Statesswindlemelonzz and United StatesZfreeK, and MexicoZyzzy. It was officially announced that MexicoZyzzy is to become a playing coach-- his task will be analyzing opponents as well as training with his team. It's worth a separate mention that 4 players from the new roster have played together before as InternationalStay Green, taking part in Heroes of Newerth tournaments.


United States compLexity Gaming Dota 2 roster:

  • United StatesKyle «swindlemelonzz» Freedman
  • United States Zakari «ZfreeK» Freedman
  • Sweden Rasmus «Chessie» Blomdin
  • Sweden Linus  «Limmp» Blomdin
  • Sweden Simon «Handsken» Haag



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