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Surely, the most striking news of the week in Dota 2 was the disband of Ukraine Natus Vincere's team. However, many other things happened in the same time. Let's recall what recently happened in Dota 2. 


The participants of The Frankfurt Major were determined


Unforutnately, our team couldn't get to the Major, which was one of the reason of its disband. Anyway, the event will welcome very powerful teams from all over the world, so the matches will be exciting. By the way, getting to the upcoming Major became the biggest achievement for a couple of teams.
Philippines most popular team Philippines Mineski has never attended any of Valve's event. Now they've got the chance to play at Major along with the world's best Dota 2 squads. Peru Team Unknown had been unknown before they won the regional qualifiers, proving that none rival should be underestimated. Now 15 year old teens are preparing to their first trip to the major tournament. Their team became the first participant of Valve tournament, which comes from Peru.




The second participant from the European region is Sweden Alliance. The team was so happy to win the slot, that it gave money to a fan, so that he could make a tattoo of the team's logo. Lots of movies has been recently created and lots of posts has been written about the Swedes' aspiration and pursuance of their dream slot.  The event in Frankfurt is "nearer" than winter. It will be held on 16-21 November.


Team Secret won MLG World Finals

100th event was held in American city of New Orleans on 16-18 October. The grand final was a clash of two powerful western teams - InternationalTeam Secret and United States Evil Geniuses. Team Secret challenged the seemingly traditional pick of their rivals with the unusual heroes in the very first encounter. It took 4 games of best of 5 series for them to determine the winner. 3:1, an unexpected result, since most players were expecting EG to win.



USM Holdings invests


The event is indirectly related to Dota 2, but it is deemed to influence eSports in the CIS. The holding of a Russian businessman, Alisher Usmanov, will invest about 100 millions of dollars into a local eSports organization. 

It is yet unknown what comes of it and how the investment will influence Russian Federation VP Dota 2 squad.


The reshuffles in the CIS Dota 2 scene


Not only Natus Vincere was disappointed with the results of its Dota 2 squad at The Frankfurt Major qualifiers. Russian Federation HellRaisers and International CIS Rejects  have undergone changes too. It was expected, as many analysts had predicted the qualifiers to be the borderline of the existe



nce of many mixes, which had been formed after TI 2015. The qualifiers were the test field for many teams, including Na`Vi. Those who didn't pass the test are to undergo the change.

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