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Many events happened during previous week in Dota 2 world: reshuffles of teams, the end of MLG World Finals 2015 and much more.We picked the most interesting news for our readers.

MLG World Finals 2015


The biggest Dota 2 LAN-tournament held before The Frankfurt Major is over. MLG World Finals 2015 was controversial: the big prize pool and top teams on the one hand, while poor organization of the event and few viewers on the other hand.


There were 8 participants in the tournament, 6 of which got direct invites, 2 passed the qualifiers. The group stage didn't bring any surprizes. Stronger teams got to the final: International (monkey) BusinessUnited States Evil GeniusesChina CDEC Gaming and International Team Secret. The semifinals were rather comic: the runners up of group stage managed to defeat the teams, which took first places in groups. The final was an encounter of two teams, in which Canada Arteezy used to play.


The Canadian was subject to much laughter and jokes, for his Ember Spirit Ember Spirit was so bad, that it was astonishing, why on Earth United States Evil Geniuses picked this hero three times! Due to RTZ's fails International Team Secret won the final match 3:1, which enabled another Canadian - Canada EternaLEnVy, who's been cold the Eternal Second, to raise the cup above his head for the first time at LAN in 2 years. By the way, the previous cup he won was that of MLG Championship Columbus, where he played in one team with... Canada Arteezy. Looks like soap opera, to be frank.


"The crowd goes wild!" (source)


Notwithstanding interesting battles, players' emotions and match streams, which attracted large audience, the event itself didn't welcomed many visitors. Actually, the seats were almost empty. The fans name different reasons: strange venue city (New Orleans with about 400 000 population is a blues center, rather than eSports city),  big price ($ 50). Let's hope that the organizers won't repeat their mistakes in future and conduct the next event much better.


YaphetS bids farewell to Dota 2

YaphetS Legendary Shadow Fiend vs Universe Windranger | Dota 2 Chinese Pub Gameplay


Those, who love Dota, know China Yaphets. The player became popular in the era of DotA. He's one of the most powerful players on Shadow Fiend. Furthermore, few people could withstand him on mid lane. China Yaphets mostly played DotA, and would seldom perform in Dota 2 showmatches. He didn't achieve much on pro level. First, he played in the third squad of China TongFu, later he joined some 2nd tier Chinese teams.


On his page at (social networking website) China Bu "YaphetS" Yanjun announced his wish to abandon pro scene due to the desire to spend more time with his father and avoid the negative moments related to pro career. He also apologized to his former teammate China ZSMJ, and provided a comment on the players of Dota 2 pro scene.


China Yaphets and China ZSMJ participated in The Frankfurt Major qualifiers in China Team FanTuan. They didn't even make it to play off.



Korok's guilty proved


Sad news to all fans of United States Steven "Korok" Ashworth, former player of United States Natus Vincere.US. It became known he was guilty in beating a person (presumably his ex-girlfriend). He'll have to spend next two months in prison and 10 months under the supervision of police. 



Monkey Freedom Fighters:


After the fail at the qualifiers of The Frankfurt Major despite the powerful squad (which consisted of such players as France 7ckngMadFrance PARIS and Netherlands SingSing), the team was disbanded. It's good that the core of the team decided to keep going and formed a new squad:


  • Netherlands WehSing "SingSing" Yuen
  • Palestinian Territory, Occupied Yazied "YapzOr" Majnoon
  • Romania Turtoi "Ar1sE^" Ionut
  • United States Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho
  • Germany Rene "Kebap-" Werner


London Conspiracy:


United Kingdom London Conspiracy bid farewell to its former Dota 2 squad, which is now named Greece Golden Boys. Recently the organization signed a contract with a team Sweden Princess Jellopy. The new squad is:


  • Sweden Richard "Jellopy" Hill
  • Denmark Jon "BabyKnight" Andersen
  • Denmark Sebastian "solen" Kjär
  • Sweden Linus "Kefka" Bleckert
  • Denmark Malthe "Biver" Winther

compLexity gaming:


Two players left the organization: Canada wayto and United States mjw. They were to replace Israel Fly and Canada MoonMeander, who left to International (monkey) Business. However, the poor results proved they failed to accomplish this task. As per moment United States compLexity Gaming is looking for new players. The squad consists of:


  • United States Kyle "swindlemelonzz" Freedman
  • United States Zakari "ZfreeK" Freedman 
  • Mexico Luis "Zyzzy" Perez


Wedding of LongDD


This wedding had perhaps one of the biggest MMR of all the weddings of the planet. China TongFu.OldBoys player China LongDD invited many prominent Dota 2 players to celebrate this very special day of his life. Congratulations!



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