Dota 2 on canvas!

We've been watching the growth of eSports in the past year, being the part of this exciting process. Some of our colleagues began working in the field when the prize pools were a cane of beer and the tournaments were held in basement clubs. It's so great to see its rise from the underground with millions of dollars reserved to award the best of the best in competitive scene. We've become so solid and people who drove the industry for passion gained much profit for their work investment.
As the competition grows, playing becomes increasing demanding. This makes us search the new ways to improve the training environment for the pro players.  We've posted a number of articles and videos dedicated to the gaming house of Natus Vincere. You must've spotted many high-tech devices in the building along with special rooms for relaxation and entertainment, e.g. sauna. Recently we've made a very special purchase to make our house unique!
We purchased oil paintings of Dota 2 heroes who will be inspiring our players to win. The works have been done by a creative group Art Gaming, and we're happy to share them with you!

From the deepest see

 Slark Slark and Slardar Slardar hold control of the underwater realm of Dota 2 universe. They are dangerous ad ruthless. Slardar Slardar lurk the prey with his lighter and leaves no chance to survive, saying: "Yeeeah, you're in deep water." Slark Slark is as caning as his friend. However the painters saw them in a very unusual imag!  Slark Slark and Slardar Slardar have become humanlike, but they still fish in the deep!

The water unleashed

The summer is near. Hopefully it'll be hot, so that we could relax by the sea, get tanned and have a lot of fun in the water. What can be more exiting than spending your day in a water park. Apparantly Morphling Morhpling enjoys such attractions too! It's just that he's a bit too big and powerful for human creations! Unleashed, Morphling Morphling covers everything in water. Well if the humans in his way are his allies, they'll simply have a great time with a huge way. But if you are an enemy, beware!




"You'll be dead before you know it," warns Spirit Breaker Spirit Breaker. His power and blood thirst are limitless. Once spotted by the beast the weak are doomed to die! You can't avoid him, all the more, if you are a harmless creature like a sheep. Spirit Breaker Spirit Breaker will easily break the bones and the spirit of a domesticated animal. Will this one avoid the fate? The sheep looks pretty happy.

The happiness of learning

The picture below shows a typical crafting lesson in a soviet school. Three pupils Pudge PudgeAxe Axe and Tinker Tinker, are going to make something of wood. The problem is the Butcher and the warrior only know how to destroy. Perhaps they'll need the assistance of a weak, but technically intelligent Tinker Tinker, who doesn't believe in magic and trusts only the power of ratio. Really looks like 2 bullies and a geek.

He's not what he looks like

You know the history of the red giant: the general of the eliminated army now battles alone. Axe Axe doesn't fear his solitude. He knows no other life. However, the painter believes that the brutal man has the necessity to hug. He covers his horrible face under the mask of a bunny and works on a Red Square in Moscow, hugging kids.

The back stage of the screen

You won't recognize the hero on this picture at first glance. The lady is exhausted and depressed. Who would say it's Lina Lina! Without her fire power, she looks weak and ordinary. Now she works as a waitress in what seems to be a canteen. She's tired of life that has no adventures.

A healthy Anti-Mage in a healthy body 

Unlike other Dota 2 heroes Anti-Mage Anti-Mage is sure that magic should be eliminated, that's why he works hard on his battle skills and seems pretty successful in it. "Mana helps those who help themselves" says Anti-Mage Anti-Mage calling to practice and hard work! International Natus Vincere players agree with him!



We hope that you liked the art just as much as we do! We also hope that you feel inspired with the pictures and will work hard on your ingame skill!

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#1 ua menowno 17 May 2017, 20:09
I love the art. Good luck vs secret
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#2 ru RusseD 18 May 2017, 10:27

I love the art. Good luck vs secret

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