Dota 2 update from October 16


Yesterday Valve released another big update for Dota 2 to fix bugs and visual errors. The workshop updates take place every day and are still being updated. Beside that the update fixed a lot of bugs and visual issues. On another note, Valve also released a new treasure which will be available for Compendium users only. The recording session for "Reborn" has also been released and can be watched on YouTube. The Russian players and fans will also be happy to hear that Valve has been starting to implent Russian voices and texts, so Dota 2 might be completely available and playable in Russian soon. Find out all the patch note details below:


  • * Enabled Team Matchmaking
  • * Fixed Shared Announcers not working
  • * Fixed dashboard performance impact of the friends list
  • * Added match status and pro player indicators to Watch Live section
  • * The Armory now supports Home, End, PageUp and PageDown to scroll the display.
  • * Automatic region selection will now take into consideration the ping times of the entire party
  • * UI changes to the region select popup to show ping times of all party members.
  • * Alt+clicking items on the courier now reports the correct player
  • * All existing low priority penalties have been cleared
  • * Fixed bug where custom loading screens would render horizontally stretched
  • * Fixed a bug where sometimes animations wouldn't loop in the loadout screens
  • * Fixed ambient effects and textures for Terrorblade 
  • * Removed 5% cut from wagering winnings
  • * Added a random bonus to wager winnings for each match that is revealed after wagers have been placed and the match begins
  • * Fixed a bug where effigies would sometimes fail to be successfully created
  • * Hid the Demo button on pages showing information about non-demoable items
  • * Added the ability to equip items or toggle their shuffle state on the owned item details page
  • * Added the dota_export_steam_inventory_layout_flow console command to provide an alternate order for the export
  • * Added dota_sort_steam_inventory which sorts your Steam inventory by rarity, quality or date
  • * Fixed a bug where the corner triangle icon was incorrectly being displayed on the owned item details page when the item wasn't equipped
  • * Techies remote mines are now correctly affected by arcana color gems
  • * Fixed a bug where projectiles affected by color gems would sometimes use the default color
  • * Fixed unit speech overlapping on kills
  • * Fixed Riki's backstab sound
  • * Batrider's Flaming Lasso with Aghanim's now correctly breaks when Batrider dies
  • * Fixed Alchemist's acid spray visibility issues
  • * Fixed Alchemist's acid spray visibility issues
  • * Fixed Alchemist's red wireframe coins when using his immortal
  • * Fixed golden effigy pedestals being improperly lit
  • * Fixed colored greevils having grey noses, tails, ears, etc
  • * Fixed Terrorblade arcana alpha test and colorwarp issues
  • * Fixed Legion Commander arcana set alpha and detail texture issues
  • * Fixed Techies arcana bugs
  • * Fixed Ember Spirit's remnant not having glow applied
  • * Fixed Ember Spirit Run with head tilted too high
  • * Fixed Bristleback Immortal Quill Spray Ability so spikes and pistons line up properly
  • * Fixed issues with arcana effects not being applied in loadout and hero selection
  • * Fixed a bug with particles being too near or too far from the camera
  • * Fixed Chaos Knight's footprints being backwards
  • * Hammer: Fixed bug where ghost tile instances were being left behind when performing certain operations on a tile map.
  • * PET: Remove incorrect 'obsolete' flag from particle blob & screen shake render ops (show up in particle editor now)
  • * Particles: Added fix for case where particle screen shake wouldn't happen unless there were particular other rendering ops in the system
  • * Workshop Importer: Improved optional/default value logic 
  • * Workshop Importer: Added templates for Boar, Hawk, Forge Spirit, Wolves, Jugg Ward, Lycan Ult, NP Treant, Spiderling, Tusk Sigil
  • * Workshop Importer: Added "Contract Only" template [replaced "League Ticket"]
  • * Workshop Importer: Added explicit 'Custom Skeleton' opt-in that disables application of Valve default anims (that wouldn't work on the new skeleton)
  • * Workshop Importer: Animation file browser now allows picking SMD files
  • * Workshop Importer: Fixed bug where "Import Source1-Style Color" could auto-fill the normal box with the wrong filename
  • * Workshop Importer: Fixed infinite hang when importing geometry with certain types of morph data
  • * Workshop Importer: Fixed bug where looping animations from FBX files would have their finallooping frame removed (first and last frames should still be identical for asmooth loop)
  • * Workshop Importer: Added information about which animations are looping
  • * We have begun adding Russian voices to Dota. Text and voice languages can be mixed to your preference. To select a new voice language, open steam and right-click on Dota 2. From here, select Properties, then the Language tab, and choose your preferred voice language. Steam will then download the new language. This first release of Russian voices includes the following: Default Announcer, Dragon Knight, Invoker, Legion Commander, Ogre Magi, Pudge, Queen of Pain, Shadow Fiend, Shadow Shaman, Sniper



The Dota 2 Reborn recording session


In the meantime, the developers have not forgotten about new models and Arcana items, but apparently it will take some more time. For now the chest will have to do but the changes are in good progress as the new model for Zeus looks quite different than the current Zeus. Take a look down below to see what Zeus could look like in the future.



Size of the patch: 225,4 MB


Source: Dota 2 blog

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