Dota 2 mechanics: Mobility


Mobility plays one of the key roles in Dota 2. Sometimes, it is not only important aspect of the game, but also the main strategy of the match. Due to the mobility some heroes can farm artefacts fast, others can kill the rivals quickly. Today we'll take a closer look at several basic items, which will help you move around the map quicker and set the pace of the game.


The first items, capable of increasing hero's mobility, are Teleport Scroll and Boots of Speed. The items are of higher importance for a hero on the middle lane. The earlier you gain them, the earlier you begin helping your team. Furthermore you chance to eliminate the rival on the lane will increase. Usually, most players would later upgrade Boots of Speed, the cheapest option being Tranquil Boots. You can heal yourself by standing in a safe place or running away from the enemy. However, it is better to take into account the following aspect: after the damage has been dealt to you, passive regeneration ability stops working and the movement speed decreases for 13 seconds.


Other items that increase mobility include Eul's Scepter of Divinity and Yasha. By means of Eul's Scepter of Divinity you can not only significantly increase your movement but also stop the teleportation of the rival. Yasha, which increases the movement speed by 8 %, enables you to make Sange and Yasha or Manta Style.



Another option for effective increase of speed is Phase Boots. Due to active ability of these boots you can easily catch up with your enemy, since neither creeps nor heroes which stand in you way will be an obstacle. Similarly you can escape from your rival by means of movement speed increase by 20% for ranged heroes and 24% for melees.


In late game Boots of Travel are the most useful ones. Not only they are the speed increasing boots (by 100), but also Teleport Scroll. Teleport is of vital importance for some heroes, since the scroll takes additional slot in inventory, which can otherwise be used for another item. Furthermore, the cooldown of Boots of Travel is much shorter than that of Teleport Scroll, thus enabling you to return to base or move from one lane to another more frequently.


Blink Dagger is one of the most effective items to increase the mobility in the game. You can move to 1200 points within a moment with this item. Furthermore, you can't use the full potential of such heroes as  Lion LionEarthshaker EarthshakerAxe Axe, and many other heroes (mostly the initiators) without this item. Even carry-heroes began buying Blink Dagger lately for an additional escape or (as in case with Slark Slark or Templar Assassin Templar Assassin) unexpected attack. However, you need to take into account that you get only Blink at a price of 2 250 gold, so you shouldn't buy this item to every hero.


The Dagger isn't as fantastic as it might seem. When buying it you need to understand that it is not meant for escaping. As if you gain at least one point of damage from your rival, you wouldn't be able to use it for 3 seconds. Furthermore, if there's an enemy Wraith King Wraith King with Radiance, you can forget about your Dagger until you get rid of the King. Use Blink Dagger only when you're confident in yourself and your team.



There's one more item that increases mobility — Force Staff. This magical staff can be used not only on your own heroes, but also on other heroes. Force Staff used to be very popular choice for Bloodseeker Bloodseeker. Using Rupture and Force Staff against any enemy you could take half of his or her health, but now this is not as effective as it used to be. The item is very popular among the supports, as it is made with relatively cheap items. It won't provide you an instant save or an unexpected attack, but as oposed to Blink Dagger, it is not blocked by the damage from enemy hero and it can be used for your hero or an ally.


Well, not always can Force Staff be replaced with Blink Dagger, as it doesn't have such high push range. If you have a Force Stuff, in order to prevent an enemy from escaping, all you need to have is a good slow like Rod of Atos or Diffusal Blade. An enemy can't run away far enough if you use one of these items. However, you need to use the slow spell in time, in order to catch up with an enemy.


Patch 6.87 provided an opportunity to turn the abovementioned staff into Hurricane Pike by means of Dragon Lance and a recipe. The peculiarity of a new item is that you can push your enemy away and hit the rival 4 times within 5 seconds despite a great distance between you. However, it is possible only if your hero has long-distance range and the rival is seen. Hurricane Pike can be bought for Enchantress Enchantress in order to kill one hero quickly.



The most popular item of the pub games is Shadow Blade. By means of this Blade you can easily escape almost any danger, as well as unexpectedly begin any fight, having quickly killed an enemy. However, the item isn't as ideal as we want it to be. It's much harder to make than Force Staff, while it is easy to overcome the invisibility it provides. All your rival needs to do is to buy Dust of AppearenceSentry Wards or Gem of True Sight.


You can pick just the right item for every hero. Use this opportunity to become better in your favourite game. Learn. Play. Have fun with Na`Vi!

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