Dota 2 is more profitable than basketball


The sports have always been a very good way of making money. Nowadays certain disciplines can attract huge audiences of people and TV viewers, making their talented representatives world-popular and very wealthy. The website Cyber.Sports has done some calculations and compared prize-pools of the biggest “classic” sports tournaments of the world to The International 2015.


The biggest championship in esports history have already gathered more than $ 17 000 000 prize-pool. Thanks to all Dota 2-fans, the tournament is already far ahead of many “classic” sport disciplines. The winners of this year’s TI will earn more money than professional golfers, poker players, cyclists and (surprise!) basketball players do when they take their first place. That is why The International 2015 will be spectacular!



Considering such prize-pools, it may be confusing for some of you why the number of millionaires among Dota 2-players is smaller than it is, for instance, among football players or golfers. The answer is that “classic” players often earn money, cooperating with famous brands and promoting their products. Gamers, on the contrary, are rarely asked to do that.




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