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On the battlefield of Dota 2, ten heroes pit their skills and wit among each other as they race to defeat the enemy’s ancient. As hero choices on both teams rely heavily on strategy, the result is war that is made up of seemingly infinite possibilities of hero line-ups and combinations. On the battlegrounds, nothing mattered aside from the contribution of skills each hero can bring. Yet, each hero that fights to defend their ancient has a name, a background, a story. And in this Lore Series, readers are welcome to hear the tales and share the stories of these mighty heroes. 



While it is not strange for bad blood to exist between heroes of Dota 2, there are some rivalry that dates back older and deeper than others. For some, their hate for each other is so old that the reasons are long since forgotten; while for some, the reasons for their enmity are still as raw and fresh as the day they crossed path. Some hate are born out of dislike and mistrust for the being of an entire race; while some are born out of a revenge not paid. Either way, let us look at some of the feuds below and see if you recognise any about your favourite heroes.

LinaLina and Crystal Maiden

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The sisters of fire and ice are notorious for their conflicting childhood. Born in a temperate region to parents we can only imagine to be helpless to control them, Lina the Slayer and Rylai the Crystal Maiden were responsible for the destruction of their homes countless times. The difference in character between elder sister Lina and baby sister Rylai was astounding. Like the elements they control, Lina’s ferocity and cunning proved too different from the comparatively tame and innocent Crystal Maiden.
Unlike the inseparable Jakiro, Lina and Rylai were sent to live in opposite ends of the world, and it was there that they each grew to learn and master their gifts. Though the two girls have now resided comfortably in their elements (Lina in the fiery desert and Rylai up in the northern glaciers), conflict still arise when they meet in the battlefield. Whether they meet as allies or enemies, there is no ignoring the childhood feelings they harbour for each other, especially when blood of the same kind is spilt.
Crystal Maiden to Lina: "I'm sorry, Sister. I always was the good one."

Lina to Crystal Maiden: "Oh sister, I kept the home fires burning."


Tidehunter and Kunkka

Image credit: kaasturovec.deviantart.com

Unlike the squabble of incompatible siblings on dry land, the hatred between Kunkka the Admiral and Leviathan the Tidehunter was born in sea. Though the exact reasons for their hatred seemed to be lost with time, it seemed to have something to do with the summoning of Maelrawn, the Tentacular God. Kunkka and his fleet were caught in a battle with demons and spirits when Maelrawn appeared amidst the watery confusion and wreaked havoc with towering waves and raging tendrils.


It was Tidehunter, who summoned his abyssal God that day, as he continues to do so with Ravage Ravage. No one was truly sure what transpired in that battle. All that is known is that Kunkka is now left with the haunting final moments of his Ghostship Ghostship, which he summons to his aid in the battlegrounds of Dota 2.


Tidehunter meeting Kunkka as allies: "Kunkka, I thought I left you on the bottom of the sea.


Bristleback and Tusk

Image credit: jasonwang7.deviantart.com
Rigwarl the Bristleback was an enforcer of Wolfsden Tavern when he crossed paths with Ymir the Tusk on one fateful day. Tusk’s tab was due, and it was Rigwarl’s duty to collect the bill. But a simple bar bet with the exchange of drunk, prideful words later, an epic brawl soon broke out within the tavern. In the end, Rigwarl the undefeated was no more as Ymir the Tusk became the last man (or creature) standing in the barkeep.
Victorious and triumphant with his victory for winning the bet, Tusk was searching for a bigger bet when he was challenged to take part and win a real battle - the biggest battle he could ever find. And that he did, as he went on his new adventure to search for a battle worthy of the challenge. Meanwhile, Rigwarl the now defeated has been on an adventure of his own - one of humility and vengeance, as he trains and prepares himself for the day he can finally track down Ymir the Tusk, and redeem his broken pride. His missing eye, though, that could not be replaced. 
Monkey King to Bristleback: "Oh, I wish I could have seen that bar fight between you and Tusk."


Legion Commander and Underlord

Image credit: Chris on sdeerwallpaper.com
In a world buried deep below the earth’s surface lies Aziyog, the dark city of the Abyssal Horde. Lead by Vrogos the Underlord, war is common throughout the mantle of earth’s crust as they expand their territory in the underground world, leaving destruction wherever they go. However, the underground realm soon became few and scarce as only few realms are left untouched by the Abyssal Horde.
Hence, it was time to venture beyond the caverns of the dark earth. Vrogos lead his army to test the civilisations above as he opened the  Dark Rift, teleporting monstrous beasts to the sunlit surface. It was the city walls of Stonehall that Vrogos lead his army to where the Underlord met Tresdin, the Commander of the Bronze Legion. Tresdin and her legion was nearest to the city when Vrogos appeared within the city square with countless beasts none had seen before. There, at the heart of the panic-stricken city and crumbling walls that these two hero Duel Duelled.
Legion Commander emerged victorious, closing the Rift and sending Vrogos back to the world he came from. Yet as the dust of the war settled down, there was no reason to celebrate the destruction of their ruined city. Just as Tresdin pledged vengeance for their city that is now lost, Vrogros too gathers his army for yet another attack on the cities above.
Underlord to Legion Commander: "Tresdin, you know nothing of the horrors that I intend to bring!"

Legion Commander to Underlord: "Crawl back to your ditch, you filth!"


Huskar and Dazzle

Image credit: 7wallpapers.net
Huskar and Dazzle are cousins that both originate from the Dezun Order. While Dazzle was the youngest acolyte to successfully be a Shadow Priest, Huskar served as a warrior who has been denied his place among the Gods. It was Dazzle who had brought Huskar back from the Nothl Realm, a sacred dimension of the Dezun Order where many who venture into do no return. It was through the Nothl Realm that Dazzle returned as the Shadow Priest, with powers to heal as strong as powers to destroy.
Later on, it was Dazzle the Shadow Priest that brought Huskar back from eternal sleep in the Nothl Realms. Through the process, Huskar was gifted with Berserker's Blood Berserker's Blood, where every lifeblood spilled from his body will be returned tenfold with heightened lethality. The elders of the Dezun Order sought to use Huskar as a weapon for their order. However, Huskar the Sacred Warrior had none of that. He left the order and the home that denied him his birthright among the dead. Now, he searches for a worthier cause he can devote his immortality to.
Huskar dying to Dazzle: "Dazzle, is that any way to treat your cousin?"

Monkey King to Huskar: "You and Dazzle should really just have a drink and hug it out."

As we all know, there is more to the heroes of Dota 2 than the skills and ultimate they can execute. The depth of their backstories can be found hidden in their lore, skill descriptions, and even their interactions/responses to one another. Although changes to heroes’ lores have been made in the past, our heroes are connected to one another through a rich history that is not common knowledge. Hopefully, this lore series can bring to light interesting stories between the heroes, tales that might enrich our experience with our pick of heroes on the battlefields.


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