Dota 2: Extension of game statistics


Dota 2 has been improving for the four years since its release. Its first version is a completely different game compared to Dota 2 of today. We witness regular improvements of gameplay, changes in interface and introduction of new cosmetic additions. However, Dota is still far away from perfection, as it lacks the improvement of a couple of functional aspects, which would enable the players, viewers and casters to get a more objective information about some game nuances, teams and players. We're talking about a very important aspect of game analysis, namely the  extension of game statistics. 


So, which statistics data we have in Dota today?


  • Graphic statistics, depicting the current experience of teams and the quantity of gold they earned (pic. 1, 2).


Pic. 1                                                                                         Pic. 2

  • Post-fight statistics, indicating the skills and items used, the difference in the gold and experience earned and damage brought (pic. 3).
  • KDA and other stats (pic. 4).


                                                       Pic. 3            




                                                               Pic. 4

In general it is quite simple and basic statistics. But what if Valve extends it by adding new indicators, which will become the key to a better understanding of the game? Perhaps, we'll be able to provide a more objective estimation of the team strategies and individual skill of the players? The introduction of these stats would facilitate the work of casters and analysts and would probably enable the teams improve their performance and save time when analyzing the tactics of enemy teams. Below are listed a couple of stats (of many possible), which would in our opinion improve the game statistics, if introduced. We asked the opinion of professional eSportsmen and analyst. Here we go!


Percentage ratio between the area of the map visible by the players of one team and the area of the map visible by the players of the other team (by means of wards and other abilities



This indicator would provide information about the percentage of map area seen by the players of each team during the particular period of game time. Therefore, we'll manage to analyze the correlation between the vision of the map and the actions of the team and players. Thus, we'll estimate if the team with best vision can take advantage of it.


International4C&L player Russian FederationVANSKOR proposed to improve warding stats by introducing new indicator:



Dota lacs the stats, which would depict the coefficient of useful vision on the map. That is to say, how many enemy heroes the ward sees within the period of time.


Statistics of enemy's vision spotting 


This indicator will demonstrate how many wards were destroyed and how many wards stood for the whole time of their action. It will enable to estimate which team and which players in particular "ward" more effectively and destroy enemy's vision.


Russian FederationYaroslav "NS" Kuznetsov also spoke about the improvement of warding statistics:



The statistics of warding is really poor. In fact there's no such statistics at all. I don't dare mentioning the stats of "effective warding", which would demonstrate how many times a ward "saw" the enemy, for how long it stool, how many smokes it spotted, how many kills it facilitated. Well, we need at least statistics, how many wards were bought, who destroyed them and how many wards were destroyed.


Statistics comparing the use of one her by different players



I would be interesting to have a statistics, which would compare the performance of various players on one particular hero. For example, to compare general stats over the first 10 minutes of the game. These may include: creepstats, quantity of runes controlled, KDA, experience earned, time of bottle, etc. Therefore, basing on this data, we would be able to make conclusions, who buys bottle faster, who denies creeps in the line most, who plays best for a particular hero. I would be interesting to learn, whose QoP is better - that of UkraineDendi or of SwedenS4?


Comment by Russian FederationSergey "God" Bragin, Russian player:



"A counter, which would depict the quantity of hp restored by various items, and the total hp, restored due to the hero's skills.


Effectiveness of runes


This indicator would show the effectiveness of the rune use. It would enable to determine the most useful rune in the game by counting the quantity of gold an experience earned during its effect.


General rune control


This indicator would show the general quantity of runes picked by a team in one game.


Gold for the kill of neutral creeps


We think, it'd be interesting to know the ratio between the gold earned for the kill of neutral creeps and the gold earned for the kill of the creeps in the lines. It would enable us to estimate effectively the usefulness of stacks and would determine the teams, which pay more attention to farm of jungle creeps.


The player of Russian FederationVega Squadron - Mag shared his vision:




It'd be good, if Valve added an indicator depicting the Net Worth, earned for the farm of the ancients by both particular heroes and the team.


Use of the skills in the fights


Not all the abilities are used by a hero in a fight. The success of the attempts heavily depends on a hero's role and his task in fights, and the play of a rival. If introduced in the game, this stat would inform, how often the player is prevented from using his skills in the match, and on the players, who manage to cast a couple of times in a fight.


Comment by Russian FederationEmpire player — UkraineRoman "Resolution" Fominok:


How about the coefficient, which would demonstrate the ability of the team to bring maximum damage with spells at the current time? It would enable the viewers to see, which team can fell more confident in a fight. Additionally, the quantity of damage brought by one team can be compared to the quantity of damage it could've brought.


Statistics of the victories of a team for Radian and Dire


This indicator would depict a winrate of the team playing for particular party (Radian or Dire) and the statistic of the victories and losses of all the teams for both parties. Therefore, we could see, which party is easier to play for a particular team and the community on the whole.


Additional stats of buffs and debuffs was suggested by NS:




Statistics, which would count buffs and debuffs, would be great. For example, Dazzle uses ultimate and decreases armor to everyone. This is very useful. However, in the final statistics, it won't be depicted, unlike a troll, who made rampage under this minus armor and who'll get many figures. Not fair.


The most productive player in accordance to the general statistics of the team and statistics of each match


This indicator is very complex. It can be formed basing on many other parameters, since apart from standard statistic data, there are many situational moments, which aren't taken into consideration, and which make the assessment of player efficiency almost unreal. For example, Rubick feeds during the whole game, but then he twice steals Ravage, casts it onto 4-5 players and thus provides the victory for his team. As per moment we can estimate the contribution of a player only basing on watching his game on the map. However, the results of such analysis aren't always objective.


We asked the opinion of the former pro player and a current caster William «Blitz» Lee. That's what he told us:



I think it would be very useful to know the average GPM in the game for a particular hero. For example, if the average GPM of Anti-Mage is 500, and we see a player with 650 GPM, we can conclude that the player is successful in playing this particular hero.


We mentioned only some options of the game stats extension. In reality this extension can be even bigger. If you have any ideas, please share them in comments. Maybe Vavle will listen to our opinion - the opinion of the community!

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