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One of the hottest months of the year — in terms of both weather and Dota 2 — is over, and we think you`ll agree that The International, the greatest event of 2015, made it even more intense and memorable. Today we decided to find out how the matches of the tournament influenced heroes popularity and what has changed throughout the last month.


With the help of such statistic websites as dotabuff and datdota, we have chosen six heroes that became a lot more popular in this month and feel extremely excited to show you what we have. Let’s jump right in!




The hero with one of the most powerful ultimate-abilities is ranked sixth on our list. It was picked 70 times to complete the drafts of the main tournament of the year, and, as a result, “pub”-players started picking him 2,8% more often. What is so great about  Earthshaker Earthshaker and why is he so popular among the players?



The answer is pretty easy: he is useful at all stages of the game. At the beginning,  Earthshaker Earthshaker can play a few different roles and be a support, hardliner or even a roamer, depending on the draft of the team. Each option can work perfectly well, as Fissure can stun rivals from afar, separate them from each other, and even replace Ravage (in the luckiest cases), whereas Enchant Totem will help this hero be efficient on hardline, last hit creeps and deal significant damage to the rivals.


Closer to the mid-game, this hero starts showing his full potential. After buying Blink DaggerEarthshaker Earthshaker turnes into one of the best in-game initiators, and deals tons of damage with the help of Echo Slam. One of the best examples of the great play is the initiation of United States Evil Geniuses’ player United States Universe in the final map against ChinaCDEC Gaming. Little wonder, that this move has demolished not only all enemy heroes, but also their confidence. The level of hero popularity jumped up the following day, on 9 August. Probably, everyone wants to win $ 6 000 000...



Phantom Lancer


A famous illusionist with the powerful late-potential is the next on our list. At The International 2015, he was picked only 26 times, but his popularity among pub-players increased by 2,9%. The reason for this is quite simple.



And this reason’s name is  China Agressif. The carry player of a new star team has shown how strong this hero actually is. After getting the first few items, he took part in fights together with his teammates, being incredibly useful for farm-oriented heroes. Of course, his great plays motivated Dota 2 players to repeat such a strong item build. But the chart shows the his popularity has started to gradually fall.


All in all, this hero has always been considered quite popular because of his in-game mechanics. If  Phantom Lancer  Phantom Lancer is played the right way, he becomes a really difficult opponent for his rivals, as he can both harass his enemies (Spirit Lance), and escape from their ganks and stuns (Doppelganger). If your team doesn’t have a quick-push strategy or a counter-pick (Earthshaker or Ember Spirit), the illusionist will surely be unbearable as at the late stage he will turn into the killing machine that will be capable of doing anything. By the way, his win rate on 25 level is 66,90%.





Even though  Anti-Mage Anti-Mage seems like a bit surprising hero on our list, his title of magic heroes’ nightmare proves that he is very strong and mighty. At The International 2015, the teams (especially Chinese ones) have suddenly recalled who he is and that his ability to farm is quicker than everybody else's on the map, and started using him in their drafts. The strongest Anti-Mage plays were shown by China BurNIng and Canada Arteezy, who managed to single-handedly win matches for their teams.



As you can see, this hero reached the peak of his popularity on 3–5 August, at the beginning of the main stage of the tournament, when he was picked by the biggest number of participants. One of the best Ukraine XBOCT’s matches at this TI was played using Anti-Mage Anti-Mage, and even though Ukrainian player tried to do everything to make this win happen, unfortunately, the game against  China Vici Gaming was lost. By the end of the month, the popularity of this hero increased by 3,12%.


The most surprising thing is that with the rise in popularity the win rate of this hero has also increased. Why? The reason is, once again, very simple: the player who picks this hero needs to understand all his peculiarities as well as have enough practice to deal with  Anti-Mage Anti-Mage's vulnerability at early stage. Another thing is the lack of items and necessary money investments to buy Battle Fury for a quicker farm, let alone terrible strength gain (+1,2 for a level). Therefore, 20 minutes into the game we can see either a completely useless hero or a strong tool that leads his teammates to the victory. Before-mentioned can be proved with his win rate on the highest level, which reaches 70,91%!





TI participants have picked this pretty girl in green only five times, but her popularity keeps on rising in pub-games. In the past month, it has increased by 3,32% and seems unlikely to fall. 



The reason why this hero is so appealing to many players is the fact how versatile it is.  Windranger Windranger can be useful for her team playing each and every role. The first and foremost, she is a very strong offliner capable of last hitting creeps and putting pressure on rivals. In case of danger, she can easily escape with the help of Windrun. This hero is quite good as a mid-laner, as well: Shackleshot ability gives her almost free kills in ganks. And, lastly, she has a very strong ultimate that can demolish a carry of the enemy team no matter how many items he has, so  Windranger Windranger can be good on farming position, too. Even though the support role is the weakest out of the roles of this hero, it can also work quite well if the gamer knows how to play.





Lina Lina participated in 93 games of this year’s TI, being the most picked hero of the entire tournament, so her second place in our list (+3,82%) must not be surprising to anyone.



She was picked as a support, mid-laner, carry, offliner, proving that the heroes that can be useful in all situations are getting more and more popular. Lina Lina's Dragon Slave and Light Strike Array can deal around 500 damage on the highest levels (the second one can also stun the half of an enemy team if used correctly), whereas her ultimate-ability Laguna Blade combined with the power of Aghanim`s Scepter can remove the half of enemy’s hp. Amazing, isn’t it? And they say that Bloodseeker Bloodseeker and Leshrac Leshrac  are unbalanced… 


The strange thing is that  Lina Lina ’s win rate remains at a relatively low level of 47,18%, but increases up to 60,48% on 25 level.



Storm Spirit


“Suma1L’s effect” in all its glory! Even before The International 2015Storm Spirit Storm Spirit was quite a popular hero, but after the main tournament of the year, where he was picked 50 times, he became the most popular “pub frequenter”! And the reason for this is the incredible play of United States Evil Geniuses’ prodigyPakistan Suma1L.



The chart shows everything you need to know: on the day of the final match between  United States Evil Geniuses and China CDEC Gaming, the popularity of this hero increased by almost 7%! From then on, Pakistani player is associated with  Storm Spirit Storm Spirit, and vice versa. Let alone the fact that most of the players copy Pakistan Suma1L’s decision not to upgrade Electric Vortex. "The guy in his 16 has won $ 16 000 000 this way!" How can you disagree?


A funny thing is that even despite being the most popular hero, Storm Spirit Storm Spirit is the only character out of all six, whose win rate actually decreased by 0,14% in August. Becoming a good player is not as easy as it seems.


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