Dota 2: November Trends


The most exciting tournament of this fall - The Frankfurt Major - has significantly influenced the popularity of some heroes. Our monthly overview of Dota 2 trends covers the heroes, which became the most popular in November.


Due to the statistics website we collected the data about the heroes, whose popularity has increased substantially, and those, whose popularity has significantly dropped. Do you guess who we imply?


Popularity increase

Ember Spirit


This hero wasn't the most picked one at the past Major tournament. However, he was most remarkable to the viewers. International Team Secret's player Canada EternaLEnVy performed great on Ember Spirit Ember Spirit, which influenced the popularity of the hero. The fantastic play of the Canadian has enabled the Secrets to win many games, though eventually played a trick on them: having banned Ember Spirit, International OG practically created their easy victory.


Ember Spirit's popularity graph: November


The hero's popularity graph in November demonstrates: that by the end of the Major, Ember Spirit's popularity had grown by 5%! What's so good about this hero? His potential fully opens in the hands of a skillful player: the abilities Searing Chains and Flame Guard can bring fantastic 1 500 magic damage to an aim! Meanwhile the skill Sleight of Fists in combination with particular artifacts built enables the hero to practically solo vanish all the enemy's heroes. In other words, the hero is very useful in both early game and in "very" late game. However, once again, remember: the hero requires much skill and much training.


Ember Spirit's winrate graph: November


The winrate graph prove that skill is musthave for those who dare play Ember Spirit. The winrate has remained unchanged for the whole month: 45 % is the maximum. We doubt, Icefrog will undertake any action to improve the hero by the next patch. Most likely, he'll nerf a hero a bit, as the hero under the control of a pro creates miracles. Remember the amazing highlight in the match against OG, when Russian Federation Ditya Ra "deleted" 3 enemy heroes with one Sleight of Fists.

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Slardar Slardar was one of the main heroes of The Frankfurt Major, getting to the top5 most picked heroes of the event. So, there's no surprise the hero's popularity has increased by 4,47 %! We're sure that you've spotted that the marine creature takes hard lane in almost every public match.


Slardar's popularity graph: November


This hero is very good for the so-called "minus armor" strategy. His ability Amplify Damage at the last level can take 20 points of armor from a hero. In cooperation with Dazzle Dazzle, Sladar can bring much pain to his victim. Furthermore, this hero becomes useful right after the acquisition of Blink Dagger: jumping into enemies crowd and using Slithereen Crush, Slardar can stun the rivals for 2,5 seconds on the fourth level! What else can we ask from a hero of a hard lane?


Slardar's winrate graph: November


Unfortunately, upon analyzing the winrate graph, we've come to a conclusion that Slardar will most likely be nerfed in the next patch. The hero is the most picked one on both professional scene and the public games. Meanwhile his winrate is about 55%! Icefrog won't probably support such imbalance, so once again we'll see how this sea dweller drops down on the seafloor of the popularity in pub matches.


Dota 2 - Miracle- 8000 MMR Plays Slardar - Ranked Match Gameplay OnlyBrothers Dota 2


Shadow Fiend


This is an absolute leader, whose popularity has increased by 5,06% over the past month! The hero was picked by The Frankfurt Major's participants 37 times and was most of all remarkable for the accomplished performance by many prominent players, including Jordan Miracle-, Canada Arteezy, Russian Federation God, etc. It is mostly due to them, that Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend became the most picked in the pubs all over the globe.


Shadow Fiend's popularity graph: November


Similar to Ember Spirit, Shadow Fiend requires practice and skill for the successful performance. You can't just pick this hero and win the lane on the very first time you play on him. It'd be really hard. Shadowraze skills are really specific, each having different range. You need to spend much time and resources to master them. On the other hand, as soon as you do it, you will become a really intimidating hero of the mid lane. Anyway, our hero is also great as carry, which we could see in the games of United States Evil Geniuses at the Major. Well in case Shadow Fiend goes jungling, he can also contribute to the success of the team. However, it is better to put him on more traditional lanes.


Shadow Fiend's winrate graph: November


In all the recent patches, Icefrog has been thoroughly enhancing the utility of the hero, by increasing the damage of Shadowraze or the quantity of souls of Necromastery. As we see, it resulted in the popularity growth of the hero on both pro scene and in pub games. Unfortunately, the winrate of Shadow Fiend of 52,5 % will most likely result in the hero nerf in next patch. Well, nobody knows what the main developer of our favorite game has on his mind. So, let us not make predictions, and instead wait for the mid December: according to Valve the large update will be released then.


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Popularity decrease



The famous Dota 2 runner continues running down the popularity curve. He doesn't run as fast as he used, though he's capable of bringing much trouble sometimes. His popularity has dropped by 1,36%. Furthermore, he was never picked at the Major. "Dead" hero, as they say.


Bloodseeker's popularity graph: November



Nevertheless, the winrate of the hero is rather good for such hero — about 47 %. This implies that Bloodseeker Bloodseeker can bring enough damage and assist the team in achieving victory. Still, it's better not to use him on the main positions, as it is much harder to play on him that it used to.


Bloodseeker's winrate graph: November




Who would ever think that one of the most popular Dota 2 heroes of all times will ever get to our Popularity drop category? However, it did happen. The popularity of Pudge Pudge has decreased by 3,13 %, but it is hard to say, what is the reason of it. The hero wasn't picked in a single game of The Frankfurt Major, similar to Bloodseeker.


Pudge's popularity graph: November


Nevertheless, Pudge is still one of the most popular heroes of November, picked in  26% of matches. The winrate graph is no surprise either: despite some obvious changes in the graph, the average rate is 50,5 %. Thus, there shouldn't be any substantial changes of the hero in the next patch.


Pudge's winrate graph: November




Substantial quantity of The Frankfurt Major's games, in which Doom Doom was picked, namely 21, didn't save the hero from popularity decrease in November. After a small and yet very harmful nerf in 6.85b patch, the hero has been loosing the commitment of the players. The graph shows the greatest drop of popularity compared to any other hero in November: by 3,7 %.


Doom's popularity graph: November


On the other hand, Doom's winrate has been gradually increasing. The substantial decrease happened on the day after the release of 6.85b patch. As per moment the hero's winrate is rather good: 51,05 %. We'll see if Icefrog introduces any changes in December patch.


Doom's winrate graph: November





These are the most significant changes is winrate of the heroes, picked in pub games. the most remarkable winrate changes are those of the abovementioned Doom and Elder Titan Elder Titan. Is it that the players have finally learned how to use it properly? What do you think?

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