Dota V7: Got used to the meta?


It has been a little less than 2 months since the release of the latest patch- Dota 2 Version 7. With the official tagline of ‘The New Journey’, this latest update does indeed seem like the end of the 6.xx era and the beginning of a new one.
As Dota 2 has been stuck in the 6.xx version since 2005 (DotA Allstars v.6.12 was released in June), this change to 7.00 is massive news indeed. Undoubtedly, avid fans had a lot to say about this huge update at its release, which included not only an unprecedented hero, but also huge adjustments to everything ranging from the new HUD, pre-game, gameplay, and other details. Up until now, minor tweaks have been made yet again to further improve the experience of Version 7, but this latest version is here to stay. Despite initial reactions, the game goes on and we see exciting new strategies and play-styles in recent competitions. 
While it is normal for any change to be met with resistance, now that we have all gotten some time to get used to the new Dota 2, have our initial reactions changed? Has the new interface and gameplay grown on us, or are we still as adamant as ever that Dota 2 Version 7 has become a sad reminder of what it used to be? 

Hero Talent Tree- Game changing branches?

In the Version 7, we see the over balancing of several characters, some modified more than others. There are modifications of hero skills, as well as the introduction of the Hero Talent Tree, which replaced the stats-levelling we are all used to. The Talent Tree offers branch options that can be adjusted to your needs. They offer passive boosts whether you aim for a more aggressive, defensive, or supportive type of gameplay.
Many of the branch options serve as a means to compensate for a weakness of the hero, or to further enhance their strengths. The Hero Talent Tree was made even more convenient with the addition of the Hotkey Support in the In-Game Interface Update in late January (to choose the left or right branch), just like the option to Learn Ability at the touch of the Hotkey. How does this tree fare compared to the old levelling of stats option we get? 

Up-ing the pace

Update 7 has also cranked up the pace in Dota 2, making it a more fast-paced game with the abundance in resources, such as the introduction of new rune spawn locations. With each forest getting a bounty rune every two minutes, resources are aplenty - though it certainly does depend on who gets to the rune first. The introduction of Shrines has also cut short the travel time of heroes (through teleportation and also the activated healing), though proper communication about the activation of Shrines between teammates is much needed (join our discussion about Shrines on our Facebook page here).
Naturally, the introduction of these new structures and changes on the map (changes in jungle, neutral creep camps, Roshan etc.) also means that the race for new and creative strategies, such as hero line-up and ward placements, is on. These new rune spawn locations and Shrines can be a curse or a blessing - depending on which side you are on. While they are obviously places of healing and resources, they are also perfect locations to gank and prey on those who seek its riches. We see new ward placement strategies with different playstyles too. Have these buildings changed how you hunt and seek for wandering, stray heroes? Or have you been a victim of an awaiting ambush yourself? 

The rise and fall of heroes

Let’s talk a little about the heroes in the new update as well. Major and minor changes that have been made on our heroes have certainly led to the rise of new heroes and the fall of old ones. Not to mention the all-too-familiar Monkey King that we’ve gotten to know for over a month by now; let us know how the changes have altered your hero pick strategies (tree-cutters anyone?) Check out our other Na`Vi articles that break down individual hero changes in this new meta! Your favourite heroes might be featured. 

Join the discussion

As much as there is to adapt in this new update, it is refreshing to see these different strategies in play from our favourite teams. Are you following our latest games and tournaments? Remember to follow us at our Facebook page and our website, where you can stay up-to-date with our latest events and join in on our discussions. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop by and let us know what you think after a couple of months with this new update! 
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