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The best videos from the last week are mainly dedicated to the recently released patch v6.86. We haven't just tried to select videos which spell out all changes, but, also to entertain our readers. Enjoy!

Patch 6.86

6.86 Dota 2 — New Patch Biggest Changes Creator: NoobFromUA


For every Dota 2 player, the last week was marked by the release of important and long awaited global changes, which include: map landscape, heroes' abilities, items' characteristics, and so on. This video, created by NoobFromUA, shows you the most significant changes.


Zeus Arcana — Tempest Helm of the ThunderGod Creator: NoobFromUA


You will be glad to know that the Arcana for Zeus Zeus is going to appear in the game client very soon!  It will be pricey but, if you pre-order it before December 31th, you will receive the "exalted" quality of the item for $34.99. He looks amazing, a true Greek God!


Dota 2 Hero Spotlight — Arc Warden Creator: DotaCinema


Now it is time to look at the new hero! Arc Warden is a particular hero that can't be easily played by any player, he has a great potential due to his ultimate, but only if in the correct hands. And what do you think about this hero?


SingSing & ZSMJ Arc Warden 6.86 Gameplay Dota 2 Creator: Dota 2 Highlights TV


ChinaGong "ZSMJ" Jian and NetherlandsWehSing "SingSing" Yuen will teach you different tricks with the new hero!


Dota 2 Desert Terrain (Patch 6.86) Creator: DotaCinema
Dota 2 New Scepter Upgrades (Patch 6.86) Creator: DotaCinema
Dota 2 New Items (Patch 6.86) Creator: DotaCinema
Dota 2 6.86: Hero Updates (DP, Riki, Void, LD, Doom) Creator: DotaCinema


Many of you probably have not managed to understand all the changes brought in by the new patch. We have selected different videos to illustrate the salient features of the patch.

The Frankfurt Major

Dota 2 The Frankfurt Major Aftermovie Creator: DotaCinema


A considerable amount of time has passed since the end of The Frankfurt Major, and the famous DotaCinema channel finally released its movie based on this event.


Regular features

Dota 2 Top Plays — Ep. 89 Creator: DotaCinema


The famous Top Plays is back! Here you can watch the new Ep. 89.


Dota 2 Mythbusters — Ep. 44 Creator: DotaCinema


Nearly 8 months have passed since Ep. 43 of Dota 2 Mythbusters was released! Now we can finally enjoy the Ep. 44. P.S. The series is still as amazing as it was.


Dota 2 WTF Moments 153 Creator: Dota Watafak


Dota Watafak prepared another great episode: funny moments, awesome combinations and Rampage made by Kunkka Kunkka!



HOW TO RUBICK — DANK PUBS # 3 Creator: mid or meepo


Ep.3 of DANK PUBS will definitely make you laugh!


Naughty Naughty Players Creator: TryMike4instance
One Punch Tusk Creator: TryMike4instance


The creator of different Dota 2 stuff released 2 videos at once. In the first video, he tries to explain to his subscribers that MOBA is primarily a team game, while the second one is dedicated to one of the most popular heroes at the moment — Tusk Tusk. You should definitely watch both videos!


Dota 2 Riki? No problem! Creator: NoobFromUA


Due to the last update, Riki Riki was seriously changed: somebody believes that he was strengthened, and somebody thinks he was nerfed. After watching this video, it seems like those who think he was strengthened were right. And what do you think?


Dota 2 6.85 Christmas Carols Creator: fwosh
We Need Wards (Dota 2 Parody of Sugar) Creator: fwosh

Here we have 2 new songs about Dota 2 from fwosh!


IceIceIce striptease Creator: ChallengingChannel


Unfortunately, we have not seen our favorite bathtub interview on The Summit 4. But Singapore Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang from China Vici Gaming decided to cheer us up with a short but spectacular dance. You definitely have to see this!


Dendi Invoker Highlights v3 Creator: Dendiboss


The last video of our Dota 2 Videos Weekly is dedicated to Ukraine Natus Vincere mid player UkraineDanil "Dendi" Ishutin. His Invoker Invoker helped his team to win easily.

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