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Winter holidays are almost over and we are ready to present our regular collection of the best Dota 2 videos. Make yourself comfortable and have a nice time watching!


Happy New Year, Dota 2 Author: NoobFromUA


This year's first collection begins with a congratulatory video by NoobFromUA. He picked many funny and interesting highlights, a true Dota 2 fan will definitely enjoy. Nice present for a holiday it is!


Dota 2 WTF Moments Compilation / Vol. 2 Author: Dota Watafak


Dota Watafak released a 30 minute video collection of 2015's highlights. Moreover, the authors wrote a short motivation message in the end of the video, so make sure to watch it till the very last second.


Dota 2 — 101 % (Pro player montage) Author: DotaCinema


By 31 December DotaCinema presented a great video with the highlights of pro games. Note that, notwithstanding the year was not successful fro our Dota 2 line-up, Ukraine Natus Vincere players are included to this video.


Happy New Pudge!!! Author: Dendiboss


The mid-laner of our team Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin raised the fans' spirits with his most favourite hero Pudge. The game was very easy for him. Isn't it high time Ukraine Na`Vi picks the hero on Dota 2 pro scene?


New Year ArtStyle interview  Author: Na`Vi.Dota 2


Have you missed the New Year interview with the captain of our team Ukraine Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov? You've got a chance to watch it now! The conversation with b2ru was very interesting and remarkable!


Beautiful RAT — No TP Disaster Dota 2 Author: NoobFromUA


The teleport failure of International Cloud9, which had happened long time ago, didn't prevent other teams from doing the same mistake. International Mamas Boys got into this trouble at European qualifiers.


Vaxa Top 1 Arc Warden 92 % Winrate Dota 2 Author: NoobFromUA


Do you want to learn how to play on a new hero Arc Warden? Watch the player nicknamed Vaxa demonstrating great performance while playing this here. Though Arc Warden's winrate has dropped a bit, it still remains very high: 84 % of 120 games!


EternaLEnVy PA Rapier — PUB FAILS Dota 2 Author: NoobFromUA


Recently the player of International Team Secret Canada Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao made a goal to play exclusively on his favourite hero Phantom Assassin during one of his streams. However, something went wrong that day and Jacky kept losing in many situations, including those. which seemed to be very advantageous for him.


Dota 2: Radiant vs Dire Author: Egor :D


Recently a new video was the released. It features stickmen, which used to be very popular in the past. Stickmen represent Dota 2 heroes and though they all look the same, they can be easily recognized due to the weapon they use. The fight of the Radiant and the Dire is very interesting and exciting!


Stick Hero Battle — Juggernaut vs Sven Author: Lesllee


Later, author Lesllee, known for his "Play like..." series, presented his version of stickmen. The battle is held between Juggernaut and Sven. Do you guess who won?


# 43 Play like ARC WARDEN (Dota 2 Parody) Author: Lesllee


Speaking of "«Play like..". Why not watching the new episode of the series? It is dedicated to the most "fresh" hero Arc Warden. The video is both funny and realistic.


Dota 2 Top Plays — Ep. 90 Author: DotaCinema


DotaCinema released Top Plays episode 90, keeping up with its high quality standards. The video features the coolest ingame moments of various heroes. Make sure you remember them and repeat while playing.


Dota 2 Fails of the Week — Ep. 144 Author: DotaCinema


The fails of the week is actually fantastic, though the previous episode was released about a month ago.


Dota 2 WTF Moments 155 Author: Dota Watafak


Dota 2 WTF Moments 156 Author: Dota Watafak


Dota Watafak worked hard during the holidays, having created 2 episodes of WTF Moments. Have much fun watching!


HOW TO BUSINESS IN DOTA Author: mid or meepo


Do you hopelessly lose all the time? Do you wish to stop failing? There's a solution! Exchange Divine Rapier to a courier.


ZET, THE RAT WARDEN Author: mid or meepo


Which hero is the most powerful pusher? Nature's Prophet or, let us say, Chen? Wrong! The new hero Arc Warden with a couple of Divine Rapiers creates a new notion of push, simply sending his "Doppelganger" in battle.


Silly Builds (SPECIAL) || Orbital Ion Cannon || Vol. 20 Author: JimBenDoto


New episode of Silly Builds was released by JimBenDoto to much pleasure of fans. This time it's Luna, surprisingly effective. Wanna try?


QUPAAAAA! Author: hOlyhexOr


hOlyhexOr created an interesting musical video about the abilities of some heroes. Must watch!




Do you love spiders? No? How about Broodmother, as your rival on mid lane? And here comes Dazzle capable of bringing enormous amount of damage....


*  *  *


The first Dota 2 Videos Weekly of 2016 was very exciting. Let us hope that our next articles will be as spectacular. See you in one week!

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