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Few Dota 2 videos have been posted this week. Nevertheless, we've picked several videos, which are worth your attention!


VP Vega — Biggest Dire Comeback in Dota 2 History! Author: NoobFromUA


Russian Federation and Russian Federation Vega Squadron showed amazing performance in the group stage of SL i-League StarSeries. The match was called one of the most emotional in early January. If you haven't seen it before, it's time to watch at least highlights!


Dendi Pudge — Na`Vi vs LGD — Starladder 13 Dota 2 Author: NoobFromUA


Na`Vi vs Alliance El Clasico — Starlader 13 Dota 2 Author: NoobFromUA


Notwithstanding unsatisfactory result of Ukraine Natus Vincere at the tournament, the Born to Win managed to show fair performance and even surprise the viewers. On the first day they managed to defeat one of their principle rivals Sweden Alliance. And later, Pudge was picked in the game against China LGD Gaming and played by Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin. Though the game didn't go the way we wanted, our team managed to impress the viewers.


Puppey vs KuroKy — Secret vs Liquid Starladder 13 Dota 2 Author: NoobFromUA


The tournament was also remarkable for a duel between Germany KuroKy and Estonia Puppey. Their teams International Team Liquid and International Team Secret showed pretty interesting performance. We suggest that you watch its highlights.


EE 4 Rapiers & Megacreeps — Secret Vega SL i-League Dota 2 Author: NoobFromUA


China EternaLEnVy is probably the favourite buyers of the vendor in Secret Shop. The Chinese player seems to have bought the greatest quantity of Divine Rapiers there. In a game against Russian Federation Vega Squadron, ChinaEE took four items at once! Did it save his team from losing? Watch the video!


Jerax Earth Spirit in Action — Liquid Spirit Major Dota 2 Author: NoobFromUA


This member of International Team Liquid is known for his performance on Earth Spirit. After the introduction of this hero to the Captain's Mode, in almost every match Finland JerAx can please the viewers with the "crazy" stones covering the battle space.


Maphacker Invoker Dota 2 Author: NoobFromUA


Enough with tournaments. Let's discuss cheating. Recently a new script has been created. It enables to see the location of the rivals in the game. This helped one player to make lots of kills and win.


Dota 2 Symphony of Fails — Ep. 84 Author: DotaCinema


Dota 2 Fails of the Week — Ep. 145 Author: DotaCinema


DotaCinema released a couple of various fail collections. Are you tired of work and wish to recall New Year holidays? Watch the videos to relax!


Dota 2 Headshot v93.0 Author: DotaCinema


Apart from the fails, many great highlights and combos appeared this week. Make yourself comfortable and watch the videos!


Dota 2 WTF Moments 157 Author: Dota Watafak


Dota 2 WTF Moments 158 Author: Dota Watafak


Will these guys ever stop making their videos so cool? Each new episode of Dota 2 WTF Moments is a masterpiece, featuring remarkably funny moments.


DotA2 — WoDotA Top10 Vol.43 Author: WoDotA


DotA2 — WoDotA Top10 Vol.44 Author: WoDotA


Finally WoDotA woke up! Its authors presented two Top10 episodes with great highlights! DotA fans should pay attention to the channel. They'll find exciting VODs too!


The 6.86 Experience Author: Nigma's Vidya Channel


Notable author Nigma also got back to his creative work and presented his own vision of 6.86 patch. Just don't repeat the same things in your game!


The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 67: Game Breaking [Season 5 'Finale'] Author: Wronchi Animation


 This time, this episode of 5 seasons series is really the last one. It is dedicated to the last patch and the items 6.86 introduced. Perhaps, we'll see the continuation of the series, but the new episodes will have different format, as the author promised.


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We hope you liked our review. Though the videos are not as impressive compared to the previous Dota 2 Videos Weekly. Nevertheless, let's hope the next episode will be more exciting!


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