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In our new Dota 2 Videos Weekly we focused mostly on various aspects of Dota 2, rather than on professional games. Watch the funny shows, beautiful combinations and highlights of the streams. Enjoy!


Dota 2 Video


The first in our article is the video of one of the most prominent creators of Dota 2 content — NoobFromUA. The video features the moments, which can happen to almost any MOBA player. Watch and have fun!


Dota 2 — No Cheats Just Combos


Beautiful Dota 2 highlights are created due to great combinations and outstanding teamplay. Watch the video to see how it happens!


1 More Hit Games Dota 2


Dota 2 Fight to the Finish — Ep. 7


Always fight to the end! These two videos teach us to stick to this rule, because sometimes you can find the way out of the hardest situations! Unfortunately, sometimes your teammates write "gg end fast" too early...


Beautiful Dota


Dota 2 Headshot v89.0


Dota 2 is a very beautiful game, isn't it? It grants incredible moments every day, regardless if it is a professional match or a pub game. The videos presented above show such moments.


Aui_2000 AA 120 Min Megacreep ez 5 MMR Game Dota 2


Having seen Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition in such artifacts in your game, you would've reported. However, in case with United States Digital Chaos player Canada Aui_2000, this itembuild is reasonable! Two hour rating game finished with 5 scores and granted many highlights.


Dota 2 WTF Moments 147


Frankly speaking, this WTF Moments was a bit worth than others. The guys ran after the quantity of views, and neglected the quality of content. However, the second part of video is of the same quality as the previous episodes.


DotA2 — WoDotA Top10 Vol.40


Unexpectedly good content by WoDota is the 40th Top10. The video features beautiful highlights of Chinese pubs.


Pub Strats || Meta Abuse || Vol. 1


The pilot episode of the show by JimBenDoto is a bit alike another series - Silly Builds, but it predominantly focus on teamplay. The video features one of the funniest combos of the new patch: Lifestealer LifestealerPudge Pudge and ancient creep. It's both effective and beautiful.




Diretide of the year is custom game by Valve Haunted Colosseum received mixed reviews. Some were sad due to the absence of the long-waited event. Some was glad to play. Mid or Meepo released a funny video about the game.




The talents of the caster United Kingdom Owen "ODPixel" Davies is known for his ability to analyze the ingame situation at once and speak really fast. In a match of Russian Federation Vega Squadron and Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas United Kingdom ODPixel reached the new level casting at god level.


Dota 2 — Together We Stand [SFM Saxxy 2015]


The last, but not the least is a splendid cinema SFM-video, prepared for Saxxy Awards. It's as dramatic as a trailer of a fantastic movie. Dota 2 movie could be splendid.


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