Dota 2: Best videos of the week


Despite the fact that all attention of Dota 2 fans is right now focused on The Frankfurt Major held in Germany, movie-makers continue producing interesting content and pleasing their viewers with new videos. We have chosen numerous best clips for you to check out!


Dota 2 — Journey to The Majors


Let’s begin our overview with the video made by a Dota 2 developer from Valve. It is dedicated to The Frankfurt Major  and comprises the comments of professional players as well as the highlights of The International 2015. You must see it!


Dota 2 — EG Champions of TI 2015


The second video is also made by Valve, but this time it is about the champions of  The International 2015, United States Evil Geniuses. The organization makes us once again plunge into the atmosphere of those August days, when the team fought their way up to the victory.


Dota 2 Daily WTF — THE MAJOR


The authors of the next video show us both the champions, United States Evil Geniuses, and the moments of The Frankfurt Major in one funny clip. Dota Watafak Channel captured  United States Universeone of the most skillful off-laners of The International 2015, being thrown on a cliff. So far that's been one of the funniest moments of the entire tournament!


Dota 2 WTF Moments 148


We also could not forget about WTF Moments series on Dota Watafak channel, especially considering its upcoming 150 episodes anniversary! Most likely, the authors will prepare something truly outstanding for that occasion.


Dota 2 Top Pro Plays — Ep. 19


Meanwhile, DotaCinema channel released a new highlights video featuring professional players. It is indeed very useful and every single Dota 2 player can learn a lot from it!


Dota 2 Fails of the Week — Ep. 141


Dota 2 Symphony of Fails — Ep. 82


The highlight videos above would be especially useful for those who don't want to end up in another episode of  Fails of the Week or Symphony of Fails! The number of fails is so high that both shows together have already produced 223 episodes! What a phenomenal result!


DotA2 — WoDotA Top10 Vol.41


WoDotA has been working a lot lately and once again released their usual Top10. Despite all requests, the authors refused to change the background music, and their viewers have already started getting used to it. The number of likes is still pretty solid. The highlights from Chinese players featured in the video are amazingly good.  RubickRubick in first place alone is worth a lot!


Pub Scrubs 12 = 11


Meanwhile, TryMike4instance released another great episode of  Pub Scrubs, having gathered a few hilarious moments of public games. As usual, the clip turned out very well-made and funny. Let’s watch!




The fans of  Ukraine Natus Vincere midlaner Ukraine Danil«Dendi» Ishutin will surely like a new video on his channel. It is made in a humorous manner and teaches how to win a tough game at the same time. The answer is easy: spin to win! And what makes it even cooler, this method turned out to be really effective.


Be the Better Support


Often support-players are being underestimated, and accused of teams' loss by their teammates. So why on Earth somebody would be interested in playing this unthankful role? The author of the next video tried to answer this question by making a very inspiring video.


Dota 2 A Game of Roles (Saxxy Awards 2015)


The SFM clip created specially for  Saxxy Awards 2015 is the last in our today’s overview. This interesting, beautifully made work is surely worth your attention!




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