Dota 2: the best videos of the week


For the whole week we've been selflessly watching tons of Dota 2 videos, picking the most interesting for you to publish them in a single article. Watch the exciting teamfights, peculiar bugs and SFM-videos. Enjoy the show!


Let's begin with Natus Vincere Dota 2 official YouTube Channel. Yesterday Episode 55 of "The Uneven Fight" was published. This time two illusionist heroes have encountered each other on the battlefield:  Naga Siren and  Phantom Lancer. Do you guess who won?


Episode 55 of "The Uneven Fight"


This week one of the main events in Dota 2 world was the creation of a new squad of Fnatic, totally consisting of Malaysia Team Malaysia former players. This enabled the organization to become the participant of the main event of the year The International for the third time. 


Fnatic Dota2 Team Announcement


Many players speak about the bugs in the game. Have you ever seen something similar to what happened to gangrenes of  Bristleback in this video?


Dota 2 Bristleback Bug


 Techies is seldom used in the professional game. However the players of International Team Secret decided to put him on the scene. Not only did they use the hero effectively, but they also managed to defeat China CDEC Gaming. Watch the video by NoobFromUA!


Kuroky Techies SECRET vs CDEC Dota 2


Apart from the interesting moments of the professional matches, this moviemaker collected in the records of unusual situations of the ordinary games. Check out the double Rampage,  Wisp as a carry with an enormous damage, and a huge crowd of creeps turning Dota 2 into a full-scale strategy in the upper lines. 


ez Kaboom


Guardian Wisp 4 Rapiers Carry IO Pwnage Dota 2


Dominators Megacreeps Army


It's summer now. Wanna chill out? The guys voiced over the comics of the winter patch. 


Dota 2 — The New Neighbors


Dota Poop and DoubleClickDota2 published new videos. Much pleasure to the fans.




Dota 2 Moments — Welcome to World


The new courier was one of the most wanted thing of the week. It can be found in a Treasure of The International 2015 Compendium. The chance to get it is 1 to 250. Some users spent huge sums of money to get it, but failed, whereas the others needed to open only a couple of treasures to obtain it. Lucky ones!




Haven't you forgotten about the new contest of movies, announced by Valve? Watch some of the videos created by the channels: DotaCinema, dopatwo, lesllee and others.


Dota 2 Patch 6.84 [SFM]


SHORT FILM CONTEST. Join The international 5


Dota 2 What hero do you truly need?


Dota 2 Short Film Contest Entry: "Axe"


When The Dota 2 Network Is Down

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