Dota 2: Week's best videos #10


It's time for our anniversary episode of Dota 2 Videos! The weekly review will feature the descriptions of the newest updates, interesting shows uploaded by famous Dota 2 channels as well as the most breathtaking moments from the games!


ESL One New York qualifiers


Even though the performance of our team didn’t turn out extremely well at this particular qualifier, we couldn’t miss the Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Russian Federation Vega Squadron final match. As a result, the teams have pleased their fans with a particularly nice game, showing both spectacular plays and interesting decisions with the picked heroes. Anti-Mage Anti-Mage on a midline was one of the most unexpected steps taken by CIS team! 



Overall, the qualifying matches for a New-York tournament featured excellent plays from all participating teams: well-prepared hero combinations, double Rampages and even throne trades with a minimal HP difference. Of course, there were fails as well: even the most experienced among professional players can get nervous under such a colossal pressure.


The interview with a new captain


A great interview with a new Natus Vincere captain Russian Federation Andrey “PSM” Dunaev has been recently uploaded to our YouTube channel. What do you think about it? 


Shows and series



The huge number of fails that happen in public games continues surprising! The new episode of Fails of the Week by DotaCinema channel featuring the same old presenters SirActionSlacks and SUNSfan will undoubtedly cheer you up.



WTFMoments of this week weren’t that great, but the collection of nice Rampages will surely amaze most of you. The video below features almost 25 minutes of beautifully edited cool in-game moments.



Dota 2 Highlights TV channel presented a new video featuring a great hero Enigma Enigma! Nice solo plays as well as the combinations with the use of other heroes’ skills are indeed breathtaking. The moments like these remind everybody how good Dota 2 is. 



RockSoftCookie rarely uploads any videos to his channel, but all of them are of an extremely good quality. The newest short episode of «Three Things I don't understand» won’t take much of your time but will surely make you smile. 



 TechiesRampage is not such a rare thing overall, but this time it turned out unusually strange. Agree? 





Recent update brought new weather effects to the game, as well as a new “Treasures” tab. Two videos below will show everything to those of you who had no time to inspect those changes themselves. 



One of the participants of the players vs. youtubers scandal and a very famous Dota 2 videos author NoobFromUA pleased his subscribers with another interesting collection of public games moments. Videos below will show you a hide&seek game featuring Roshan, the gem steal,  Witch Doctor Witch Doctor’s rampage and a lot more!



We bet that there are a few fans of Gravity Falls among our readers. And even if there aren’t, we highly recommend all of you to watch this SFM-video that copies cartoon’s introductory video clip in Dota 2 universe.



We’ll note beforehand that this video is rather weird. But watch it anyway, maybe you’ll like it.



The topic of a huge Gaming Paradise failure could not be avoided by famous youtubers. SirActionSlacks made an ironic video trailer for this event, paying the most attention to the popular caster TobiWan.



Have you ever tried talking to a robot? No? One of the most famous Dota 2 players  Canada Arteezy received a relatively clear answer to his question. Robot uprising? What if?



Three excellent kills only 1 minute into the match! How to achieve it? Very easy: pick Ogre Magi Ogre Magi and destroy everything on your way!


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