Dota 2: Week's best videos #11


The last week’s been a bit quieter than usual in terms of new videos, but anyway we tried to choose the most interesting ones to compile our weekly episode of "Week's best videos" for our readers. Enjoy watching!



Dota 2 Reborn on Source 2 engine as a main client has undoubtedly been one of the most memorable moments of the last week. Unfortunately, despite a nicely edited video by DotaCinema, the game has not received very positive feedback so far, getting an ironic name Dota 2 Rebug instead.



All of these things happen because of the huge number of bugs that the game features. Famous videomaker NoobFromUA has shown his followers a few of them in his recent videos. Nevertheless, the great thing is, the developers of Valve are working hard to fix as many mistakes as possible, releasing new updates almost every single day. 



The newly formed MoonduckTV  studio announced a new Elimination Mode tournament. Why is it interesting?



The answer is pretty simple: the heroes can be picked only once in one game series, which means that annoying Leshrac Leshrac and Tusk Tusk won't be the center of attention in every single game anymore. The SirActionSlacks’ video will explain how everything works even further.



In one of the episodes of “The Uneven Fight”, one of the most interesting series from our Youtube channel, two thief-heroes Outworld Devourer Outworld Devourer and Silencer Silencer have encountered each other to prove who is the strongest one. Unexpectedly, one of them has managed to easily outplay his rival and reminded all viewers why the show is named this way. 



The 137th episode (just imagine how big this number is!) of one of the best DotaCinema shows won’t leave you indifferent, gifting 10 minutes of good laugh.



Silencer Silencer played by JimBenDoto proved that “The Uneven Fight” loss (you have watched that video first, right?) was just a misunderstanding. We can’t disagree, this hero is very strong indeed!



This week, Dota Watafak channel celebrated a great anniversary: one million subscribers! By the way, this number is four times as big as the population of Venice, so this stunning result just had to be celebrated with a wonderful videoclip!



The fourth «Fight to the Finish» episode is as good as all previous ones. It shows how only one move can turn the tide of the game in completely different direction, and proves how important it is to fight till the very end. 



But don’t do that the way Weaver Weaver did it in this video! Of course, emotions can sometimes be beneficial, but in most cases it is better to stay cool and not turn such a precious “buyback” into a “dieback”.



SirActionSlacks1 has always been a frequenter of our series, but this time he is ready to set his personal record for the number of videos featured in one episode. After The International 2015, he started doing videos about team changes and reshuffle. International Team Secret were his first aim.



The next video made by the same author is fully dedicated to one of the most extraordinary professional Dota 2 players Canada EteranaLEnVy. Jackie even commented on this video himself.



A video parody of the famous Dota 2 and CS:GO caster TobiWan is definitely a must-see! Nobody can teach how to play  Natures Prophet Natures Prophet faster than him. His signature “IT`S A DISASTA!” is also there.



We’re ending our today’s episode with a great video in which the mid-laner of our team Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin shows how to use the single fruit in the game. Such a useful one to watch! 


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