Dota 2 Videos weekly # 13


The last week brought many surprises at the past ESL One NY. Our weekly review of the best video contains the most interesting movies and the regular content of series, highlights and much more. Enjoy the movies.



Those, who didn't watch ESL One in New York missed many exciting things. The event had it all: exciting games, unexpected results, the defeat of the reigning champions of The International passed United States Evil Geniuses in quarterfinals and great atmosphere. That's why we offer you to watch the highlights of the tournament!


After the main event of the year, held in Seattle, Russian Federation Vega Squadron hasn't undergone any changes: the guys simply construed the unsuccessful performance at Wild Card as a temporary bad luck and continued training hard. As a result they achieved the first place at ESL One NY, overthrew EG and became known and adored worldwide, as well as their outstanding game style. Congratulations Vega! 



The captain of American team  United States Peter "ppd" Dager received his own portrait made of sault, as a consolation prize, which ppd will place right above his bed. The portrait looks great, though the sault it is made of is associated with tears (Cry me a river?).



Dopatwo release videos rather rarely, but each video is much waited, since their quality is very high. This time their series 5 REASONS TO PICK features one of the most popular heroes of both professional scene and public games. Meet Queen of Pain Queen of Pain.



Lesllee doesn't publish his works as often, as his fans would like too. He has the same area of interest as dopatwo. However, his humor and style are different. What if these tow channels cooperate? Would they create a trully accomplished work? Anyway, we present his great video about Juggernaut Juggernaut, the last of his kind. 



This movie of the series The DOTA 2 Reporter was created by Wronchi Animations. It covered recently released patch 6.85. The 65th release is as great as the first one, having great voice over, funny situations and high quality animations. The channel sticks to its high level!



Speaking of patch, we can't help mentioning a new capability of Lifestealer Lifestealer to get into ancient neutral creeps. The video features two players, who took advantage of Lifestealer's ability (improved by Aghanim`s Scepter) and managed to make a rather easy Rampage. Though all the kills are credited to Pudge Pudge, it still looks very funny and impressive. "Just don't show it to Sweden Loda", as the Swedish player has already tested some new tactics in official matches and hasn't succeeded.



Dota Poop released a video featuring the two heroes playing together: Earth Spirit Earth Spirit and Keeper of the Light Keeper of the Light. It's very effective strategy, isn't it?



EIDJE released one more Dota 2 All Random, devoted to The International 2015. Though it's two months late, the movie is worth seeing. All the more the first frame is a reference to the yesterday's match between International Team Secret and Russian Federation Vega SquadronCanada EternaLEnVy isn't changing as time passes.



It happened so, that several videos of our article are devoted to this extraordinary player from Canada. This one features the situation with a popular Twitch girl-streamer HelenaLive. Jacky's passion about the game combined with woman's emotions is a wild mix!



Shia LaBeouf and his popular video "just do it" reached Dota-2 scene. The parody of Canada EternaLEnVy is not worth than original!



The hero of this video is one of the most powerful supports in both pro and pub games. There's no surprise, as its abilities are very useful at all the game stages! The creation of video about Winter Wyvern was just a matter of time.



Have you ever suffered from a feeding player? The games seems to be going very well, approaching the mid stage. The heroes are confident at their positions. And here it is! One death of a hero makes him act inadequately, which lets his teammates down. See how it is: 



Emotions at pub matches are often much stronger, than in pro games. Ukraine Natus Vincere's mid-lane player Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin got into such game with an exciting "exchange of thrones":



And the last, but not the least is a great SFM video about the hard life of Juggernaut Juggernaut. We wish such works would be released more often!


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