Dota 2 videos weekly # 14


For the past week, the fans have focused predominantly on the qualifiers of the main Dota 2 event of this autumn The Frankfurt Major. So there's no surprise that most videos of Dota 2 videos weekly #14 cover this event. Enjoy watching!

The Frankfurt Major


Have you missed the final match of the European qualifiers? You've missed a lot! The battle between two Swedish teams Sweden Alliance and Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas was an outstanding  game with the defence from megaсreeps, both teams not willing to lose. Splendid show and powerful emotions!



The players managed to have fun too: the match between International (monkey) Business and International No Logic Gaming had no impact on the group table. The game featured seemingly the longest delivery of Divine Rapier from one player to another. 



An impressive moment! Bulgaria MinD_ContRoL from International Team Liquid, which had been considered the favorite of the qualifiers, demonstrated a truly skillful play with Force Staff! Do you need to save your teammate or kill your rival? Ask the Bulgarian player, how to do it!



Unfortunately, despite the capture of Aegis and Cheese, the actions of this player didn't help his team in a match against Sweden Alliance, since they had to deal with Sweden Admiral Bulldog. The Admiral is known for his play style and his Natures Prophet Nature's Prophet! It seems, that nothing can stop the Swedes, if you let them play the way they want.



What about other regions? Listen to the comments during the match between Malaysia Fnatic and Philippines Mineski! It really sounds as Latin American football casters.



The main surprise of the Major's qualifiers happened in American region. Peruvian team Peru Team Unknown smashed its rivals. They defeated a recently created team United States Digital Chaos, despite that the reigning champion of The International Canada Aui_2000 played in it. A player with an interesting nickname Peru 『 』was very remarkable. He played splendidly on Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend. By the way, this is the first team, which managed to get to a tournament by Valve. Congratulations, guys!


Shows, series


DotaCinema, which kept silence last week, released 4 videos at once! The first is the episode of Headshot with impressive highlights of public games.



Two traditional Symphonies feature players and teams' fails to be laughed at and the skills to be admired. Full scale of emotions!



The match between Sweden Alliance and Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas should be seen by each player as an example, proving that a team should fight till the very finish.



A new video was released by prominent author Nigma. The digest features good humor, funny moments and interesting ways to use the features of a new patch. Must watch!



Dota Watafak creates videos on a regular basis. 2 Videos of WTF Moments were released in a past 7 days, both videos being equal in quality and WTF level? Episode 141 features an outstanding Rampage by Earthshaker Earthshaker. Enjoy watching!




mid or meepo channel released a new video featuring the victory of three heroes on the 25th minute. Meta of 6.85!



The most farming Dota 2 hero — Alchemist Alchemist — is becoming increasingly popular, on both pro scene and pub games. RandonDotaBox made a funny video about the hero and his abilities.



The last, but not the least is the mid-lane player of Ukraine Natus Vincere Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin, who managed to have lots of fun between the matches.


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