Dota 2 Videos Weekly # 15


Lots of events have happened lately in Dota 2, which have been depicted in various videos by many moviemakers. We tried to pick the best of them and present to our readers in one article. Enjoy the show!


The first is MLG World Finals 2015, an event that rose many debates in respect of its venue and organization. Many beautiful, nonsense and simply funny situations took place du ring this event. Let's see...


MLG World Finals 2015

Agressif Highest GPM Juggernaut in History of Dota 2


The first is the runner up of The International 2015, a team, which surprised everyone with its instant rise in Dota 2 pro scene,China CDEC GamingChina Agressif, whose nick corresponds to him perfectly well, beat the record of GPM (889!) on Juggernaut Juggernaut! Amazing result!


Arteezy Suicide lol


Another extraordinary player, Canada Arteezy, decided that game stats is too easy. He made a very spectacular yet stupid suicide on his fountain. Well he created a hype!


EternaLEnVy Wrap Around Gank (monkey)


The Canadians were just awesome this week! Canada EternaLEnVY did an absurd gank, which astonished his rival. However, after the astonishment of the has passed, Ember Spirit Ember Spirit was punished hard for grotesque.


Pielie Dies #MLG World Finals 2015


This is a great example of how first blood can be turned in your favour. Perhaps it was due to such good teamplay, that International Team Secret became champions.


EG Combo MLG World Dota 2


And the last about MLG, but not the least, is a spectacularly and extremely effective combination by a reigning champion of The International 2015 United States Evil Geniuses


The Summit 4

Unknown Double Dagger Queen of Pain Trolling


The midder of Peru Team Unknown was mentioned in our previous episode. This time he was noted due to his bad behaviour. One Blink Dagger in a game on Queen of Pain Queen of Pain could be explained, but 2 of them is way too much.... It resulted in a defeat, though the situation had been favourable.


Unknown taunts TC and DC


Still the team is worth love and admiration! The guys play very well and have much fun. They would sometimes forget themselves and lose, but still they bring us so many positive emotions, for example, by killing the carry of United States Digital Chaos.



Jimmy vs Ghost Winter


Getting dumpstered at BTS


Caster studios are well capable of having fun! Watch the casters of Beyond The Summit enjoying their work!


Holy f*cking sh*t Dreamleague


The last week was inspired by Back to the Future movie, as it was late October 2015, that Marty McFly visited the "future". Dreamleague studio decided to support the subject and made a splendid surprize to the viewers!

Series and shows

Dota 2 WTF Moments 143


Dota 2 WTF Moments 144


Dota Watafak is a highly productive channel! Furthermore it provides amazingly high quality of edition, music and fascinating highlights on a regular basis.


Dota 2 Top Pro Plays — Frankfurt Major Qualifiers — Ep. 17


The episodes featuring the highlights of pro players are rarely published on DotaCinema channel, but they almost always enjoy high quality edition and spectacularity. This movie features the highlights of The Frankfurt Major qualifiers.


Dota 2 Rampage Vol. 6


Here's the collection of best Rampages by users. Worth seeing due to 5 kills by Puck Puck.


Dota 2 Symphony of Fails — Ep. 81


It's always so nice to watch the fails of other... but not your own.




dopatwo released a new episode of 5 REASONS TO PICK... about Tusk Tusk. There's no surpise! The hero is much wanted in almost every pro game. The video about his abilities is very funny.



Unreal, Plays of the Day


A renown moviemaker NoobFromUA seldom releases such collection, as he prefers pro games. This particular video features the highlights of both pro games and pubs.


Dota 2 — Epic Fails & Plays


One more video of the kind.


You are playing against Alliance


Sweden Alliance player Sweden Admiral Bulldog published video on his YouTube channel about the main strategy of the team with Natures Prophet Natures Prophet




The well-known streamer JimBenDoto published a video, which consists entirely of the phrases by Axe Axe. There's also 1 hour version for those, who liked it.


The misheard Dota 2 quotes


People hear, what they want to hear even in Dota 2...


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