Dota 2: the best videos of the week #2


Check out our next pick for the "Best videos of the week" series! We've got SFM-videos, highlights from the best tournament games, new announcer trailer, funny pub moments and preview of the new interface.


Тhe third season of ASUS ROG DreamLeague has only just got to the end. Ukraine Natus Vincere showed great performance, losing only to Russian Federation in the grand-finals and thus becoming the event runner-up. But there's no need to feel down, the 5 games  of the finals were interesting and intense. NoobFromUA has gathered the best moments from the series in this video:


Na`Vi VP DreamLeague S3 Grand Final Dota 2


However, grand-finals were not the only great games on the tournament. During all of the matches teams were showing decent coordination and extraordinary individual skill. Here are some highlights by Natus VincereNoobFromUa и dotatvru.


Huge echo! by SoNNeikO vs VP @ DHS 2015


Kunkka Lost His Boots


NaVi yolo diving enemy fountain at 4 min — goes full XBOCT


Uuuuuugh My Aquila


Let's not forget about our "Uneven fight" show! In the 56th episode  Anti-Mage will be up against Roshan-lover,  Ursa. Who would you favour?


"Uneven fight" episode 56 


One of the main events this week was the announcement of the new Dota 2 interface, running on Source 2 engine. In case you don't know what we are talking about, have a look in the video below. 


Dota 2 — Reborn All New Interface Preview


Some of us may not remember, but DotaCinema channel became famous for there Dota 2 Top Plays series. Now these are not their main series and new episodes come out rather rarely. Though the quality of the episodes is still great. Check out this new episode!


Dota 2 Top Plays — Ep. 87


The rumours of a new announcer, inspired by the famous "Rick and Morty" animated series have been here for quite a while. And just yesterday at E3 2015 exhibition Valve presented the announcer, which is almost ready to come out in the game and even comes with Mister Meeseeks courier. How cool is that?


Rick and Morty Dota 2 Announcer Trailer


Dota 2 fans enjoy not only playing the game, but also watching others play. A spectacular first blood from the creator of unusual guides, slahser; own boots denial by wagamama and  Dota 2 bromance by Cookiez - here's only a small part of what has been going on lately.


prophet reported


Wagamama facepalm Phase Boots deny


Dota 2 bromance at its finest — We had never met before


The short video contest from Valve goes on. Luckily, moviemakers are not running out of ideas and show their originality in some amazing videos. We offer you some of the most remarkable ones.


Dota2 Short Film Contest (Replay Request by 4fun)


Dota 2 Short Film Contest: The Broodfather


[Short Film Contest]. Plan Roshan


The Ultimate DOTA 2 Strategy

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