Dota 2: Week's best videos #3


While our Dota 2 squad is preparing to the main tournament of the year - The International 2015, we propose you to watch the most interesting videos of the previous week. The review of the main events of ESL One Frankfurt, the best game moments of the players' streams, vide provided by Natus Vincere channel and movies of Dota 2 Short Film Contest. Enjoy the show!

ESL ONE Frankfurt

«SECRET vs EG — ESL One Frankfurt 2015 Grand Final Dota 2»


We've seen some outstanding performance by International Team Secret and United States Evil Geniuses in ESL One Frankfurt's finals, at which they played 4 games. NoobFromUA has collected all the best moments of this match for everyone, who missed it or wishes to see one more time.


«SECRET TECHIES — It's A Trap! — ESL ONE Frankfurt Dota 2»


 Techies picked by International Team Secret was one of the brightest moments of the tournament. Listen to the emotional respond of the audience. It might seem you sit at a football game, rather than an eSports championship.


«Techies Top Tier Pick — S4»


The captain of Sweden S4 picks up  Techies to defeat Malaysia Fnatic.


«Techies every game since ESL»


User George Hartland demonstrate a typical player, who chose Techies after ESL ONE Frankfurt.


«Nigma's Shittier ESL One Digest 2015»


«ESL ONE Frankfurt 2015 Moments»


Well-known Dota 2 oriented YouTube Channels couldn't miss such grand tournament. Nigma presented a detailed report on how he spent his time at the championship, while Dota Watafak showed the brightest moments, demonstrated on the screen and many other exciting things.


«Pajkatt Maelk impression at ESL One Frankfurt»


SwedenAlliance player Sweden Pajkatt has long been known for his ability to imitate the voices of various players (does everyone here remember the almost identical voice of Ukraine Dendi?). This time Denmark Maelk was the "imitation victim", which many everyone laugh.


«One passionate Alliance fan at ESL One Frankfurt»


Apart from that SwedenAlliance was remarkable for their around-game events mostly rather than for their performance at the tournament. Just listen to this thrilling scream of a fan!


Natus Vincere

«Don’t Mess with HyperX (feat. Na`Vi)»


Have you missed the advertisement by Na`Vi and HyperX? Don't worry it's time to watch it! Where else can you see Ukraine Dendi performing hooks in real life?


The Uneven Fight. Episode 58.


The new episode of The Uneven Fight is devoted to the battle of 2 heroes, which can bring pure damage. Do you guess, who won?


Best moments of the streams

«w33 World First 8000 MMR In Dota 2»


Many Dota 2 fans know Romania w33 with both his level of performance and his unusual actions. This week it's time to forget about them and congratulate the player on his achievement of 8 thousand in soli rating. Let's hope he won't stop and achieve even more! 


«Dota Strikers by Bulldog S4 Kuroky»


Reborn is interesting not only for ordinary players, but also for pro eSportsmen: check out Sweden Bulldog, Sweden S4 and Germany KuroKy playing Strikers!


«Interesting mana void by RTZ»


Mistakes happen. That's what happened to United States Arteezy, who doesn't regularly face difficulties during his own streams.


«Typical EternaLEnVy»


We sometimes wonder how United States Cloud9 manage to survive in one team with their captain Canada EternaLEnVy, since he sends his teammates to death even in an ordinary pub.



«Dota 2 — Spoiler Compendium Immortal Treasure III (Lion & Meepo)»


While The International Compendium 2015 owners are waiting for the third Immortal treasure, some lucky guys manage to find the textures and animations of possible items in the files of the game. Do you like them?




dopatwo channel has created a new video of the "5 REASONS TO PICK" series. This time  Luna has become a hero of the movie. The videos features the reasons to pick her for your game.


«Dota 2 Bristleback vs Shadow Fiend»


Perhaps,  Bristleback will haunt us from one video to another. This time the hero demonstrate that his ability  Quill Spray is as powerful and bright as   Requiem of Souls. We wonder what other secrets does he hide?


«Dota 2 Nature's Prophet and Octarine Core»


The video about new item  Octarine Core reminds you once again that it is a must have for some heroes.


«DotA2 — WoDotA Top10 Vol.34»


Something new for WoDotA: the new "Top10" episode doesn't have the famous track "We are Electric"! The users were so disappointed that the quantity of dislikes almost equals the quantity of likes. We're pretty conservative, ain't we?


Dota 2 Short Film Contest

«Space Created by Christopher Nolan»


«Explosive State of Mined»


«Radiant Newsreel»


The contest goes on! Many users send their creations, which are very different in quality, yet it is obvious that much love for Dota 2 was put in them. Don't miss your chance! What if your movie will be acknowledged the best

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