Dota 2: Week's best videos #4


An interesting video about Ukraine Natus Vincere made by SirActionSlacks, various shows of renown YouTube channels, new humorous guide of FutanariNeko and much more is collected in the weekly Dota 2 Videos episode! Make yourself comfortable in the chair or on the coach and watch the best videos of the last 7 days!

Natus Vincere

The International Down-Low: Episode 1 Navi


Well-known content creator about Dota 2 SirActionSlacks has presented a new episode of The International Down-Low series, devoted to the upcoming main tournament of the year - The International 2015. He devoted the first episode to Ukraine Natus Vincere, which is most pleasant.



Na'Vi.Dendi Ultra Kill @ Face it Pro League Dota 2


Unchangeable mider of our team - Ukraine Daniil "Dendi" Ishutin continues amazing his fans with his outstanding performance. hOlyhexOr decided to show a fantastic Ultra-kill by Dania and one of his favorite heroes -  Queen of Pain. Pay attention to an interesting choice of artifacts!


Dendi Pudge Disaster Game


Practically every fan of Dota 2 knows how good Ukraine Dendi is at playing on the fresh meat fan -  Pudge. However even such professionals as Dania have their unlucky days. NoobFromUA collected the moments of the under-performance by the well-known Ukraine Natus Vincere player. He called his video Disaster Game, which is a fair name for it.



Dota 2 Game Show — Guest blitz (What the Horse? — EP. 6)


Relatively new show DotaCinema stands out among others due to its simple and understandable idea. The new episode features the encounter of Denmark Synderen and United States William "Blitz" Lee, joinDota caster. The funny AMA-interview with him is available in our recent best of Reddit report.


Dota 2 — Three things i don't understand Ep 5


RockSoftCookie is known for his Three things i don't understand series. He describes three things he don't really get in the world of Dota 2. Unfortunately, he rarely makes updates on his channel, but each video is a must see.



Futa's Way: Lion


Funny video-guide of FutanariNeko about  Warlock has collected a small army of fans and followers. That's why a new guide about  Lion was made. The guide parodies a well-known streamer and creator of non-standard collections for various heroes, such as Slahser. Well, we're looking forward to the new episodes of Futa's way.




The channel Mid or Meepo creates 2-3 videos about funny moments of pub matches per month, making its audience most happy. The video of new topic DANK PUBS demonstrates an interesting way to spoil the game of enemy's jungler. Learn!


Dota 2 Aghanim's Scepter Bait


Check out an unusual way to kill shown by a player with  Juggernaut. Agree, it'd be much cheaper to buy  Dust of Appearance or  Sentry wards in this situation. Well the player understood on his own, what he had done, and left the game.



MOST EPIC MAGNUS EVER — Ar1sE^ BEST Highlights Movie


What player is  Magnus most often associated? Surely with Romania Ar1sE^! Watch a great collection of impressive moments from hOlyhexOr to learn more about our favorite game. 



Top-2 Dotabuff Techies uses hacks/scripts/cheats


The news about cheating of the second player in the list of the best players with  Techies was most unpleasant. Isn't it high time to introduce the something similar to VAC-ban for Dota 2 players?


EternaLEnVy Stream Freakout


Canada EternaLEnVy has long been known for his horrible behavior. Here's an ideal example of how he treats his teammates during the game.


low budget arcana zeus propaganda


brylidan invented an interesting way to "earn" votes to get the Arcana item for  Zeus. We ask you a question: "Who do you think will win the voting?"



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