Dota 2: Week's best videos #5


You have only one week to register your video for Dota 2 Short Film Contest, arranged by Valve! Show your creations and estimate the works of others. Meanwhile we've collected the most interesting videos of the week in our weekly column Dota 2 Videos. Watch and enjoy!

Neutral Life


The video depicting a hard life of neutral creeps in Dota 2 world opens our list. Surely! Who would want such life, in which your warm place is immediately taken over by others while you are distracted. The video is made by Spunky Animations channel, known for its parody videos about another game of Valve — Team Fortress 2.


Glory of The International


This is an atmospheric video devoted to the upcoming The International 2015. Author is a well-known creator of SFM-videos P- o-rtability. We'll soon know the name of the team, which will become an owner of the so much wanted Aegis of Champions!


The Same Game


After watching this video, we'd like to say: "They are so different, yet they are together!" The idea of the creator First Dream is very simple: all the players live their own lives, however there's something that joins them in Dota 2 - the destruction of enemy's throne. Don't forget about it! Pursue your goal together!


Rune Control!


Great funny video by Twin FX channel parodies the control of the runes.


Good Guy Chuck


Don't you still know who is a good fellow Chuck? Meet! "He may not have skill, but goddamn he's got a style!". Great humorous video by mid or meepo is a must see!


Dota 2 - The Final Battle 2015


This is one of the best videos in terms of the visual design: x-ray sight, the totally destroyed buildings and frozen bodies of the enemies. Maybe, one day an ordinary match in Dota 2 will look as great as this video made by 4fun911 channel.


Dota 2 is awesome!


User Waltan stood out with his very nice song "Dota 2 is awesome!" We can't disagree, since we love this game anyway even when we loose.


DOTA 2 TI5 Film


Skynamic Studios made a short animation film, showing that any Dota 2 fan can become a professional. Everything is in our hands!


Silhouettes of War


User ksardedik was remarkable for its unusual video in minimalist style. It's amazing that 57-seconds video could encompass 110 heroes. Will you be able to find all of them?


Game is Hard!


We hear it way too often: "Game is hard"! kkzaah showed what situation could be in ideal life with a few pleasant references (did you notice logo of Natus Vincere and smile of Kappa?). We feel sorry for the actress, who performed Windranger.


Behind The Mask


This is a very remarkable work by Dynamite Fingers. The visual design might be not the top one, but the plot is really powerful. Will make you cry.


Thundercat's Wrath


Funny video by Irfan Nadzree is the last but not the least. Do you love cats on the Internet? How about cats, who play better than their humans?


After 17 July the works for Dota 2 Short Film Contest won't be accepted! You've got only one week to share your ideas with others! Good luck and don't forget to vote on the contest's official webpage.

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