Dota 2: Week's best videos #6


It is time to show you some of the most interesting videos of the past week in our Dota 2 Videos series. You will find The International-related videos, the best parts of different matches, hilarious stream moments and a lot more. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy!


«C9 vs EG — DotaPit 3 Grand Final Dota 2»


«Sumail QOP Rampage C9 DotaPit Grand Final Dota 2»


Here are the most interesting DotaPit Season 3 grand-final moments for those of you who might have missed this bo5-clash. All of them were gathered by NoobFromUA. It was a great game for PakistanSumail, one of the United StatesEvil Geniuses' players. He has done a Rampage just 13 minutes into the last match, leaving his opponents (International Cloud9 ) with no chance to win. We are very excited to see how he will perform at The International


«Not Today Archon — Game of Thrones Rapier Throws Dota 2»


Buying a  Divine Rapier is always a risky decision. Yesterday’s match between United StatesTeam Archon and PeruNot Today proved it once again! PeruSmash (Ember Spirit) decided to play super aggressive when it wasn’t that necessary…  Watch the video to find out what happened next! 


«Leshrac 3x RAMPAGE Woohoo EP.FaN vs FD Dota 2»


Rampages and team-wipes are not that common when it comes to professional games. However, ChinaFan from ChinaEnergy Pacemaker managed to surprise his fans. Watch the video above to see a fantastic TRIPLE rampage!



Natus Vincere

«DOTASCOPE: You shall not pass»


You don’t usually see  Keeper of the Light in ranked matches and professional games. Nevertheless, there is a team that actively uses him in their tactical schemes. Russian FederationVladimir “Maelstorm” Kuzminov has done a detailed analysis of the way this hero is played by well-known Estonia Puppey


«Na`Vi vs EHOME 2nd Game — TI1 Grand Final Dota 2»


NoobFromUA decided to recall how emotional some The International 2011 matches were! We hope that this year’s tournament will be even more spectacular. 


The International

«The International Down Low: Episode 2 NAR-Archon»


«The International Down Low: Ep. 3 Newbee»


«The International Down Low: Ep. 4 Team Secret »


SirActionSlacks1 continues gathering information and making videos about The International 2015 participants. Are you interested in finding out which teams are the next on his list? Here is the answer. This time, he decided to tell more about United States Team ArchonChina Newbee (the last year’s winners) and International Team Secret (this year’s favorites). Also, if you want to know more about Ukraine Na`Vi, make sure to check out the first episode of his series. 


«DOTA 2 — TI5 Weather Effect Preview — "Sandstorm"»


«DOTA 2 — TI5 Weather Effect Preview — "Autumn"»


«DOTA 2 — TI5 Weather Effect Preview — "Graveyard"»


New weather effects came as a pleasant surprise for all Compendium buyers. Note that videos above do not show the final version of those effects, so anything can still be changed. Anyway, they are quite interesting to watch and can help us get the idea of what will be implemented soon.


«Dota 2 The International — Hall of Fame»


“Hall of Fame” is a short film made by DotaCinema specially for Dota 2 Short Film Contest. Even though the idea is not that unique, the video itself is extremely well-made and would no doubt look great on screen!


«Juggernaut's Prayer | ti5 Short Film @haveluckgoodfun»


Speaking about Dota 2 Short Film Contest, we would also like to show you this amazing video about   Juggernaut. It was made by haveluckgoodfun. By the way, this channel is famous due to its original musical ideas, based on Dota 2 sounds. This video is not an exception. You will like it!


«Dota 2 Rampage Vol. 1 (Pilot)»

«Dota 2 Fight to the Finish (Comeback) — Ep. 1 (Pilot)»


In fact, DotaCinema has been making a lot of new videos lately. They have already presented two new shows.Though their ideas (showing rampages and comebacks) are not that fresh and can hardly impress us, picky viewers, it is nice to see some efforts being put into the channel.


«Dota 2 RNG Challenge - Episode 1 (SUNSfan PoV)»


«Dota 2 RNG Challenge - Episode 1 (syndereN PoV)»


RNG Challenge, on the other hand, turned out to be quite good. The rules are simple: DotaCinema hosts, United StatesSunsFan and DenmarkSynderen, are playing together on randomly chosen heroes, lanes etc. These guys have already made two episodes, which can be found on DC channel.



«Dota 2 How to Shadow Amulet»

  Shadow Amulet can be very useful in most games. But it simply doesn’t work in case your opponents pick   Axe… Come to Axe!


«Start with a bang»


If you have already seen Frey557's   Lycan guide and want to learn more, don't miss this next video. Here is a    Techies guide for those of you wondering how to start winning all the games with the help of his power! 


«Proper Way of Playing Leshrac | DotA 2»


The next guide by Meed&Fid will show you the perfect way of playing  Leshrac. If your team has the player like this - the victory is in the bag (of your opponents, of course)!


«Dealing with Huskar»


«Silly Builds || Vol. 13 || Lumi's Mage Huskar»


If you want to learn how to play Huskar properly, make sure to watch these two guides by Relax You're Fine and JimBenDoto


Stream highlights

«Arteezy — The Sound of BabyRage»


CanadaArteezy’s streams can easily gather 20 000 viewers. Apart from being experienced Dota 2-player and showing impressively strong performance, he always finds the way to cheer his followers up. MagiKarpDota made a nice video with the most interesting moments of InternationalTeam Secret’s player. 


«SingSing — One Game No Rules»


The stream of the former InternationalCloud 9 and InternationalBurden United player is also extremely popular. Why? Because NetherlandsSingSing always plays for fun and enjoys what he does, sometimes even forgetting what the main goal of the game is. The video above proves it. Make sure to check it out!  


«EternaLEnVy Stream Freakout»


And, of course, we can't forget about the main Dota 2 "tryhard" – CanadaEternaLEnVy. “EE is on your team. You do everything he says because he is much much better than you. You win the game and report him. He gets low prio. Repeat.”  - one of the comments says. What a perfect scheme! 


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