Dota 2: Week's best videos #7


The International 2015 is now over, and all movie makers are ready to start working on their Dota 2-related clips again. Mostly, their videos are still influenced by the atmosphere of the epic tournament, but we can already see the works about other interesting things, both funny and serious. Having seen most of them, we are very excited to show you the best videos that we gathered for you this week!


We decided to start from the videos about the main esports event. Most movie makers felt obliged to make the video, dedicated to this year’s TI and its highlights, so we decided to put those artworks together for you to estimate.


The International 2015


The first clip made by Dota Watafak includes amazing moments of the tournament, from the courier-kill by Romania bOne7 to famous $ 6 000 Echo slam. Take a look at this seven-minute video! «IT`S A DISASTEEEEER!!!»



hOlyhexOr has also made a similar-themed video, showing his subscribers half-an-hour clip about the best plays of The International 2015, this time without any jokes whatsoever. You will watch it in one sitting! 



DotaCinema decided to do what they do best and gathered top 10 best moments of the entire tournament. And although the first place can be guessed even without watching, the highlights in the video are definitely worth noticing. Enjoy!



widdzanother famous moviemaker, included all significant highlights of TI 2015 in his video. It will be particularly useful for those of you who for some reason have missed all action.



Above-mentioned DC channel returned to their normal routine after TI and keep on working on their “Fight to the Finish” comeback-series. The first episode turned out to be quite successful so the release of the second one didn’t make us wait long. Such spectacular comebacks are always interesting to watch!



And not only spectacular, but also effective. Enjoy this video featuring Crystal Maiden’s Rampage with 5 straight kills and Anti-Mage's ultimate.



The pub games fails are always extremely enjoyable to watch. They not only make you laugh but also show the skill difference between casual and professional players.



DotaFX channel videos can’t be missed either, as they always upload fresh and interesting content and please their viewers with very nice editing. After their 50th anniversary episode of “Dota 2 True Stories”, moviemakers decided to add a small 50.5 episode that traditionally looks as good as a full video.



Nigma is also trying to wake up from the "sleep", uploading a new “Trench Digest”. Two carry-heroes on one lane, triple kill for the neutral creep, and, of course, Techies — what can be better? 



Dota Poop channel presented a new series for the fans, in which its author will try to reach the 4k rank. The humor is great, as usual!

10 vs 10


An "old-timer" of our series, NoobFromUAreally liked the play mode shown in All-Star match of this year's TI. And we cannot disagree, as the fun and chaos in 10 vs 10 games are just phenomenal! See for yourself!



TryMike4instance presented an updated version of the All-Stars match, traditionally adding music and visual effects to the video. It conveys the atmosphere of the game and gives the opportunity for those who missed it to understand how crazy it was!



If he is nicely "feeded" at the beginning of the game, Bristleback can become the biggest nightmare for his enemies. This video proves it out! 



Considering that the player that picked Spirit Breaker that day could win a huge jackpot and become even richer than United States Evil Geniuses after The International, we are really curious if he really bought the lottery ticket!



Even though International Team Secret haven't managed to win TI 2015, the skill level of each member of this team is incredibly high. For example, Germany KuroKy, former Ukraine Natus Vincere player, uses Naga Siren illusions to the fullest, stacking neutral creeps for his carry. 



Dota Laboratory channel presents another informative video. Aghanim`s Scepter in Morphling is rarely used properly, as most players prefer to rely on the popular guides and avoid this item. This clip will be interesting for those who are interested in finding out something new. 



Do you remember Denmark N0tail's battle cry at one of the StarLadder tournaments? We think thatKorea, Republic of March from the Korean team Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix managed to outdo him, and gained respect of public for it. 



Finally, we would like to show you  Ukraine Danil «Dendi» Ishutin's "Cinderella" story. What do you think about Danya turning into new great film director? 


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