Dota 2: Best videos of the week #8


Videos about the past The International 2015, regular episodes of the prominent YouTube channels, funny movies and much more - we chose the best of them and put together in our Dota 2 Videos Weekly! Enjoy the show!


The International 2015


Over two peeks have passed since the greatest Dota 2 tournament — The International 2015, but the fans continue creating awesome content about it! Fwosh, notable for its musical works, made a great song. Listen and sing!



Wonmin Lee used GoPro, to record each celebrity of Dota 2 scene he met, asking to give him five! Watch the video to look for your idol and friendly greet him with your palm. Just be careful with your screen!




Smosh Games has finally heard the fans and made an Honest trailer of our favorite game Dota 2. Was it a success? It's up to you.



Notable creator of Dota 2 content SirActionSlacks1 entertained himself, collecting Divine Rapier as second artifact. Do you think he deserves a glass of champagne?



This is the fourth episode of «Rampage» by DotaCinema with a collection of 5 subsequent kills. The movie is much impressive and inspiring! An outstanding level of playing tough heroes Invoker Invoker and Meepo Meepo it is.



Great show by a duet SUNSfan and Synderen. They supplement each other aren't they?



This one is the nice collection of fails in pub games. It's so much more pleasant to watch others losing compared to seeing your own losses.



We hope that the players won't begin picking one of the most unpopular heroes Elder Titan Elder Titan in pub games, trying to turn him into carry. Intrigued? Watch the new episode of Silly Builds by JimBenDoto.



Third season of The DOTA 2 Reporter by the channel Wronchi Animation is at its best with new heroes and good humor. Do you think they'll manage to make as much as 100 episodes of the series?



dopatwo channel finally made a new episode of "5 reasons to pick...". It has it all: it's funny and well made, as always. Here we are craving for more.




The video made by pro player Germany KuroKy inspired some players to record their own guides on effective use of heroes' abilities for stacking neutral creeps. Very useful information!



 Terrorblade Terrorblade has practically vanished from the games of both pro players and ordinary gamers. sheepy decided to make the hero popular again, showing his version of hero upgrade, which turned out to be very effective.



What a dreadful destiny of Venomancer Venomancer: first, he was caught by a blind hook while invisible, then he died from a blind Maelstrom lightning. 



Once again a cool highlight by NoobFromUAFamous streamer and pro player Netherlands SingSing smashed the enemy team by a predominantly supporting hero. Is it high time to return to pro scene?



How to encounter enemy Bloodseeker Bloodseeker on the 60th + minute? It's more simple than it seems as we see it in the video!



Meanwhile it turned out that confronting Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin is a hard task! Three heroes were killed by her! Well, unfortunately for her there are no obstacles for Rubick Rubick.



And the last, but not the least is the video about the recent changes in International Team Secret, who failed to meet the expectations of their fans at TI 2015. Is it funny? Or is it sad?


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