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These days one can't imagine Dota 2 without various cosmetic items. Every now and then a new treasure comes out or a courier is added to the game, moreover, the entire community is buying The International Compendiums purely for Immortals. This is why we decided to start a new section, highlighting the most interesting Steam workshop items.




We'll start with a set for one of the strongest and most popular mid heroes,  Queen of Pain. The set was designed in cooperation with UkraineDaniil "Dendi" Ishutin, who is a mid player on Ukraine Natus Vincere and loves playing this hero.


The set is done in an expert manner and will change not only the character's appearance, but also a bunch of hero animations. Worth mentioning, that instead of a whip, QoP is now holding on of the most common items for her, which is  Orchid Malevolence.


The back view is even better, don't you think? The author of this set is Sith Happens.


Drunken Master


Well, what can you do with a hero like  Brewmaster? An whole lot, as it appears to be! The same author partnered up this time with one of Russian Federation, Ukraine Alexander "DKPhobos" Kucheria.


A hallmark of this  Brewmaster is his completely white eyeballs. May it be the result of drinking too much?


The weapon also stands out. "Drunken Master" speaks for itself, as he is literally punching enemies with a goblet of his favourite beverage.


Master of The Fire Mountain


Our next featured set was designed by CTaKaH_MoJIoKa, famous for not only his unpronounceable name to those, who don't know Russian, but also for the quality of his works. Even though  Ember Spirit is not a signature hero for our hardlane player Ukraine Gleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov, the attention to details in this set definitely deserves some respect.



The set comes with the custom ability icons, which most of the authors give special attention to nowadays.



Notably, the headpiece has two styles to choose from. It is not that big of a deal, but it's the little things, that make the difference, right?



Remnants of the Sacrificial Serpent


An amazing work was exhibited before public by CLEgfx, who turned popularity-gaining  Bloodseeker`into an Aztec warrior.



This one also comes with custom ability icons, which follow the overall theme of the set.



The resemblance of the mask with some of  Juggernaut`s might be the only thing one can complaint on.



The Perennial Giant


Some tedious work was done by DotaFX, who love to spoil their fans with peculiar sets. This time they've decided to give  Tiny new shape. And they did a fine job in creating a set with 4 different styles, custom ability icons, custom minimap icons, cursor pack and a HUD.



The best way to introduce the set is to show its official preview. This is indeed a mountain of effort! 





Dog is the man's best friend. The saying has been here for ages, so why not apply it to Dota 2? As the author of the courier says, "Gizmo is ready to deliver everything from your two minute bottle, to the 47 minute gg branch". A friend indeed.



Loading screen comes with the courier.



The Hanging Ward


And how could we go by the main support item of the game, the wards? A hanging eyeball looks spooky, but at the same time it is very unusual and interesting.



Caring Hands


And last, but not least, will be another set of wards. Their entire appearance is sending a message of the importance of having one of these in your hands.





Couriers and wards:

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